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Alumni Engagement

John Dodge House
507 Golf View Lane
Rochester, MI 48309-4488
(location map)
(248) 364-6130

Alumni Engagement

John Dodge House
507 Golf View Lane
Rochester, MI 48309-4488
(location map)
(248) 364-6130

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OUAA Board of Directors

The Oakland University Alumni Association (OUAA) Board of Directors exists to enrich and engage the lives of alumni, students and friends to promote and advance Oakland University. This volunteer advisory board helps shape the future of alumni engagement at OU and strives to be representative of the entire Oakland alumni population. The board provides counsel and advice to the Office of Alumni Engagement and the University Advancement division, as well as the President and other members of university leadership.

Executive Committee

Mark Guthrie, SBA 1991, SECS 1986
Information Technology Executive

Vice Chair
Judy Hegelund, SBA 1995                                                                        
Managing Director, Deloitte Services LP

Immediate Past Chair
Bryan Barnett, SBA 1998
Mayor, City of Rochester Hills


Napoleon Harrington, SEHS 2004, 2002
Founder and Therapist, Ambassador Counseling and Resource Group

Nicholas Kristock, SBA 2014, 2013
Founder, Fleece and Thank You

Members at Large

Andrea Bittinger, SON 2018, 1996, 1989
Admissions Coordinator, CRNA Anesthesia Graduate Program
Beaumont Hospital

Gary Brancaleone, SBA 1982
Director of Investor Education                  
Portfolio Solutions, LLC

Terry Dibble, SHS 1993, CAS 1980
Special Lecturer, Clinical Instructor School of Health Sciences
Oakland University

Anne Dieters-Williams, CAS 2015, 2009, 1983
Assistant Director of Prospect Management and Research
Oakland University

Matt Karrandja, CAS 1997
Vice President Sales and Recruiting Operations
LHP Engineering Solutions
David McGhee, CAS 2005
Vice President of Organizational Excellence and Impact
Skillman Foundation

Judy Pritchett, SEHS 2002, 1997, 1994, CAS 1988
Chief Academic Officer (retired)
Macomb Intermediate School District

Rob Ray, SBA 2005
Senior Wealth Strategy Associate
UBS Financial Services Inc.

Marty Reisig, CAS 1967
Attorney and Mediator
Martin Reisig Mediation Services

Eleanor Reynolds, SEHS 1974
Assistant Vice President Admissions (Retired)
Oakland University

Amy Ring Cebelak, CAS 2011
Area Coordinator for Residence Life Programming
Oakland University

Jim Schwarz, PhD, SEHS 2010, 1997, 1994, 1991
Avondale School District  

Beth Talbert, Honorary Member
Faculty and Chief Adviser, Communication Program
Oakland University

Chris Van Dan Elzen, SECS 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994
Vice President Product Planning

Diana Wagner, SECS 1993, 1991
Director, Global Cost Engineering and Methods
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Lori Wingerter, SHS 1985
Vice President of the GM Foundation
General Motors Corporation

Emeriti Board Members

Beth Benson, SBA 1981
Manager, VP Office-Service Operations (retired)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Joseph Gardella, Jr, CAS 1977
John and Frances Larkin Professor of Chemistry
University at Buffalo, SUNY

Julie Granthen, SBA 1987, CAS 1981
Economics Lecturer, Oakland University

Past OUAA Chairs
Years servedName and Class Year(s)
2018-2020Bryan Barnett, SBA 1998
2016-2018Beth Benson, SBA 1981
2014-2016Anthony Thornton, CAS 1976
2012-2014John Hruska, SBA 1989, BGS 1986
2010-2012Lynn Gross, SBA 1987
2008-2010Greggory Garrett, SECS 1997
2006-2008John Ganfield, SBA 1981
2004-2006Leo Bowman, CAS 1976
2001-2004Susan Evans, CAS 1987
1996-2001Marianne Fey, CAS 1980
1994-1996John Flick, SECS 1981,1977
1993-1994Colleen Ochoa Peters, CAS 1987
1992-1993Marjorie Neubacher, SEHS 1980
1991-1992Harrison E. Miller, Jr., CAS 1988, SEHS 1973
1990-1991Greg J. Demanski, SBA 1963
1988-1990Marty Sabo, SECS 1978
1986-1988Gerald B. Alt, CAS 1976
1985-1986Richard J. Wlodyga, SBA 1981
1984-1985Gary Marchenia, SBA 1972
1983-1984Barry M. Klein, CAS 1968
1981-1983John F. Mills, CAS 1972
1979-1980Ann D. Arner, SBA 1975
1978-1979Alan L. Mann, CAS 1970
1977-1978Robert A. White, SECS 1972, 1970
1975-1977Jeannine Daly, SEHS 1976, 1968
1973-1974Mary L. Wermuth, SEHS 1981, 1965 CAS 1969
1972-1973Leon Mellen, SECS 1967
1972Phillip G. Williams, SBA 1982, SECS 1964