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Undergraduate Theory Placement Exam Information

All music majors and auditioned minors who have been accepted into the School of Music, Theatre and Dance are required to take the online music theory placement exam. This exam has no bearing on the student’s acceptance to the Oakland University music program; rather, its purpose is to ensure that the student is placed in the appropriate level of music theory. All students, including transfer students, are required to take this exam. Within a couple weeks after you receive your acceptance, an email will be forwarded with instructions and a link to the exam. If your score is very high, you will be contacted to meet with the coordinator of music theory for further determination of your placement.

Results of the exam will be emailed to the student.

Preparation for Placement Exam
Students wishing to prepare for the theory entrance exam should do so by brushing up on music fundamentals. Aim for fluency; it is extremely important that all of these skills become second nature to the serious music student.

The following skills are tested on the music theory placement exam: Most important (focus on these first):

  1. Note reading and writing in bass and treble clefs
  2. Major and minor key signature identification and construction, in bass and treble clefs
  3. Major and minor scale identification and construction, in bass and treble clefs
  4. Recognition and interpretation of basic meter signatures and rhythmic notation

Slightly more advanced, but still important:

  1. Recognition and writing of simple intervals
  2. Basic aural skills (dictation of a simple melody or rhythm; recognition of basic intervals and triad qualities)
  3. Recognition and writing of triad qualities (major, minor, diminished and augmented)

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