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Mentor Teachers

Early Field

Classroom Teachers:  

Your willingness to share your space, your skills and your insight is instrumental in the development of aspiring educators. Your field student is involved in the process of learning how to teach; therefore, needs your support and guidance. The resources on this page are intended to help you make the most of mentoring an aspiring educator.  

Student Teaching

To help student teachers get oriented, please use the following form.
          Student Teaching Experiences Checklist

Find handbooks, seminar dates and forms for our program on their respective pages located under the "Student Teaching Internships" category on the left navigation of this website.  

When observing the student teacher, you may use this observation form.
          Student Teaching Observation Guide

At the end of the student teaching internship, please complete an evaluation of the University Supervisor.  

For guiding our student teachers, SCECHs are available.


What should I expect an OU student to be able to know/do in my classroom?
You can expect that OU students will be in the process of learning the essential skills of a practicing teacher. Making time to meet with the student and ask about what courses he/she is enrolled in and what previous experience he/she has would be ideal. We would suggest that you take a look at the field survey as a starting point for a conversation about expectations, and revisit that document periodically to give feedback.  

What can I do to support the growth of an OU student in my classroom?
Remember that an OU student is still a student: he/she is in the process of learning new skills. The student needs feedback and support in order to grow. 

What do I do if I have a concern?
You are always welcome to contact our office to discuss the progress of your OU student. If you have a concern about the student, please use the files below to document your concerns.

What other opportunities do I have to be involved with teacher preparation at OU?
We are often looking for practicing teachers to consult with us as we continuously improve our program. You could serve on focus groups and committees with our faculty and staff, you could take advanced coursework in our leadership program, or you could intensify your commitment to mentoring through field students or student teachers. Please contact us if you are interested in more.