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See below for a list of policies and exceptions. 

Fingerprinting Policy

Oakland University, local schools or school districts may require the OU student to sign a statement identifying all crimes for which they have been convicted, obtain or consent to state and federal criminal history record checks and/or submit fingerprints to the Michigan State Police, all at the student’s expense, before the student may participate in student teaching or field placements. Please check with your district's administration office to confirm their requirements. Oakland University does not need a copy of your fingerprints.
Oakland County School District Fingerprinting Policy
Macomb County School District Fingerprinting/School Safety Policy

Placement Policy

No student shall contact either unilaterally or via a surrogate person, a school district, school administrator, teacher or other staff member concerning a request for her/his placement for student teaching. Arrangements for student teaching placement are made only by the university with the central administration of the local school district. Students who violate this policy jeopardize not only their own student placement but also the placement of other students from Oakland University. Students may not intern in districts/schools in which there is a potential for conflict of interest.

Michigan Professional Educator's Code of Ethics

It is expected that an OU student adhere to the Michigan Professional Educator's Code of Ethics during their field placement and Student Teaching internship experiences.

Postponing Student Teaching

If you need to postpone your student teaching for any reason, please let School and Field Services know right away. If you need to postpone your student teaching, you will be required to reapply and start the process over. If you must postpone because you have not passed your MTTC, please apply for the following semester as soon as you receive your passing score. Please make an appointment with your adviser to discuss and/or report your postponement.

Competency and Retention Statement

The goal of our professional education programs is to develop capable practitioners who will prepare children and adults for multiple roles in an ever-changing, global environment.

Retention in the SEHS Professional Education Programs:
Retention in the SEHS professional education programs is based on the expectation that students will demonstrate the characteristics of, and conduct themselves as members of, the profession as described in the Expected Competencies. Students may be removed from a program, removed from a field placement or may not be recommended for certification:

  • if they fail to fulfill any such expectations to Oakland University’s satisfaction, including without limitation the expectation that they demonstrate adequate and appropriate communication ability and character and develop, maintain and fulfill their professional relationships, responsibilities and competencies
  • academic misconduct
  • violations of the Michigan Code of Ethics for Teachers
  • failure to fulfill any Oakland University academic or conduct requirements
  • violations of any other program or Oakland University’s policies, rules, regulations or ordinances

Students may also be removed from field placements:

  • upon request of a building administrator
  • for a failure to comply with the requirements of this Competency and Retention Statement
  • if Oakland University determines that removal is in the best interests of the student, Oakland University, the professional education programs or the schools where the student is placed
  • inadequate planning, classroom management, and/or discipline
  • lack of content knowledge
  • deficiency in oral or written communication skills
  • inappropriate personal or professional behavior
  • ethical impropriety
  • violation(s) of community standards or policies
  • failure to exercise appropriate, professional judgments

School and Field Services

Pawley Hall, Room 381
456 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-3060
(248) 370-4920 fax

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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