Oakland Center

Oakland Center, Room 118
312 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
(location map)
(248) 370-3230


The meeting rooms in the Oakland Center are continually in use and require a timely schedule of cleaning and reset in each room.  The type of decorations used impact the turn over time of these rooms.  When decorating an Oakland Center meeting space do not cover the windows on the meeting room doors or cover "exit" signs. Stapling, tacking or adhering to any painted surfaces, brick walls, furniture, floors or glass doors is prohibited.  No glitter or confetti is to be used in the Oakland Center meeting spaces.  Candles, pyrotechnics, fogging devices and decorations that "bleed" color when wet (i.e. crepe paper) are prohibited.  Groups that violate the decoration policies may be charged accordingly.

Materials Distribution
Distribution of material and solicitation of any kind are not permitted on OU's campus without prior approval. In the Oakland Center, on-and-off-campus groups and individuals can promote their products or services only at reserved information tables. To reserve a table in the OC, you must contact the Oakland Center Reservations Office, 118 Oakland Center, at (248) 370-3230. On-and -off-campus groups and individuals wishing to solicit or distribute materials anywhere else on campus must contact the Dean of Students Office, 144 Oakland Center, at (248) 370-3352.

Posting Policy
University departments or organizations may post materials on any authorized bulletin board or display area. Off-campus groups or individuals must receive approval from the Center for Student Activities, 49 Oakland Center, before posting materials on campus. All posting regulations must be followed or materials will be removed.

Table Tents
Table tents must be approved and scheduled for display by the Center for Student Activities, 49 Oakland Center, (248) 370-2400 or csa@oakland.edu. The sponsoring organization is responsible for placing their approved table tents on any Pioneer Food Court or Oakland Center lounge area tables. Up to three different table tents may be displayed per week. Fliers, handouts and other printed materials may not be left on any tables in the Oakland Center.

Food Services/Catering
With the exception of the University bookstore and vending machines all food and beverage sold or served in the Oakland Center must be provided by the Oakland Center in-house food service provider.  Groups are not permitted to bring food or beverage into the Oakland Center.  Violation of this policy may result in a suspension of facility scheduling privileges.