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James D. Graham

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Major Field:
African History

Research and Publications:

"Political Development in Historic Africa and South Africa from 1652 to 1910" in Vincent B. Khapoya, ed., The African Experience: An Introduction (Prentice-Hall, 1998), 68-110.

"Indirect Rule: The Establishment of 'Chiefs' and 'Tribes' in Vamiron's Tanganyika" in Gregory Maddox, ed., The Colonial Epoch in Africa, vol. 2 (Garland, 1993), 23-31. Originally published as "Indirect Rule: The Establishment of 'Chiefs' and 'Tribes' in Cameroon's Tanganyika," Tanzania Notes and Records 78 (1976): 1-9.

"Africa Until 1945" and "African History Since 1945" in Daniel Smith, ed., African History (Princeton: Wiener, 1993), 217-23.

"Theories, Policies, and Processes of Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation in Africa," Africa Today: Quarterly Journal 31 (1984): 27-34.

"A Useful Resource on Tanzanian History," Africa Today: Quarterly Journal 27:1 (Winter 1980).

"Cultural Analysis of East Africa: A Limited Perspective," Africa Today: Quarterly Journal 26:3 (Fall 1979).

"Changing Work Patterns and Life Styles in South Tanganyika: Illustrative Statistics Derived from Oral History" in Joseph Smaldone, ed., Exploration in Quantitative African History (Syracuse, 1977), 53-80.

"Julius Nyerere: A Contemporary Philosopher-Statesman," Africa Today: Quarterly Journal 23 (1976): 67-73.

"The Tanzam Railway: Consolidating the People's Development and Building the Internal Economy," Africa Today: Quarterly Journal 21 (1974): 27-42.

"Political Ideologies in Contemporary Africa," The Centennial Review 16 (1972): 23-40.

"A Case Study of Migrant Labor in Tanzania," African Studies Review 13 (1970): 23-33.

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"Changing Patterns of Wage Labor in Tanzania: A History of the Relations Between African Labor and European Capitalism in Njombe District, 1931-1961," (Ph.D. Diss., Northwestern University, 1968).