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An Economics major is a flexible and relevant option for students who don’t want to narrow their field of specialization. In OU’s SBA, Economics majors learn how economic analysis applies to major problems facing individuals, businesses, the nation and the world. While preparing students for the workplace, this major also provides an excellent foundation for law school or master’s degrees in public administration, economics or business administration.

The Economics Department has established a strong academic record and tradition. A scholarly journal, Economic Inquiry, ranked it fourth overall in producing the most published works among economics professors in universities across Michigan. Nationally, Oakland University was ranked seventh among comparable schools that offer undergraduate economics degrees.

Name Title Company
Edward A. Eickhoff - Board Chair Vice President Development/Redevelopment Ramco-Gershenson
Valiena A. Allison President and CEO Experi-Metal, Inc.
Alfredo Casab Attorney Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler, PLC
Allen C. Goodman Professor of Economics Wayne State University
Julie Granthen Attorney
Daniel P. Hunter Manager Oakland County Planning & Economic Development
Dennis Janowski Senior Vice President Comerica Bank
Stefanie M. Kimball Chief Risk Officer and Executive Vice President Independent Bank Corporation
George Seifert Principal Seifert & Associates
Horst Sherriff Vice President, Corporate Banking PNC Bank
Paul Swanson Vice President, Human Resources Trinity Health

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Please see the School of Business Administration faculty/staff directory for more information, including office location, link to personal web pages and more.

Anandi Sahu, Chair (248) 370-3537
Addington Coppin
(248) 370-3541
Sherman Folland
(248) 370-4086
Oded Izraeli
(248) 370-3524
Nivedita Mukherji
(248) 370-2707
Kevin Murphy
(248) 370-3294
Ram Orzach (248) 370-4965
Jonathan Silberman
(248) 370-4966
Miron Stano (248) 370-3291
Kasaundra Tomlin (248) 370-4975
Ronald Tracy (248) 370-3514
Xie Zhu (248) 370-2505

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Contact Us

Anandi Sahu
Department Chair
447 Elliott Hall
(248) 370-3537

Joan Wancour
Office Assistant
440 Elliott Hall
(248) 370-3283