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The Office of the President works to ensure that the university's vision and mission are carried out on a daily basis. The office includes members of events, communication and administration teams. 

Ora Hirsch Pescovitz Headshot
Ora Hirsch Pescovitz
204 Wilson Hall
(248) 370-3500
[email protected]

Joshua D. Merchant Headshot
Joshua D. Merchant
Chief of Staff
(248) 370-4287
[email protected]

Not Avaliable
Frank Provenzano

Director of Presidential Communications & Initiatives
(248) 370-3645
[email protected]

Adrienne Bass Headshot
Adrienne Bass
Executive Associate to the President
(248) 370-3502
[email protected]

Susan Dawson Headshot
Susan Dawson
Director of Executive Events
(248) 370-4908
[email protected]

R.Demeck Headshot
Renee M. Kazirut
Executive Office Assistant
(248) 370-3503
[email protected]

Patty-Gillespie Headshot
Patricia Gillespie
Event Manager
(248) 370-2053
[email protected]

Vernita Y. Parker Headshot
Vernita Y. Parker
Executive Secretary
(248) 370-3501
[email protected]

Office of the President

Wilson Hall, Suite 4000
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
(location map)