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Grand Idea

Oakland University's administrative professionals are invited to contribute creative, fresh ideas  – or new takes on existing practices — to the Grand Idea suggestion program.

Submit an idea

What types of ideas may be submitted?
Interested APs can submit ideas for new or improved processes, programs, facilities or services that would:

  • Promote higher efficiency in existing university operations
  • Streamline administrative procedures
  • Increase safety, promote health or improve morale
  • Improve the quality of working conditions and campus life
  • Save money, resources or time
  • Contribute to the technological advancement of the university or its programs
  • Help reposition the university in the global marketplace
  • Advance the university's branding efforts
  • Promote diversity and inclusion on campus
  • Contribute to the university's overarching mission, goals or strategic plan

What types of ideas are ineligible for submission?
Ineligible suggestions include those that:

  • Duplicate a previously submitted idea
  • Suggest changes that are currently under review, or have been reviewed in the past
  • Are within the employee's authority or job responsibilities to implement
  • Relate to personnel matters or a grievance, or concern personal complaints

How are ideas submitted to the president for review?
Suggestions must be submitted online, and should include the following information:

  • A description of the problem to be addressed or the area to be improved
  • A detailed description of the solution
  • A summary of the benefits provided to the university by the solution
May I submit an idea anonymously?
You must include your name in your submission form in order to be eligible for the program prize. However, when you submit your suggestion form, you may choose to check the "Remain Anonymous" box. Doing so will ensure that your name is not published or released to the public.

May I work with colleagues to a submit an idea as part of a team?
Yes, you may form a team with other APs from your own department, or from multiple departments across the university, and submit an idea collectively. Only one member of the team should submit the idea using the online form; that person should include the names of other team members in the "additional information" field on the form. Please note that if the idea is chosen for an award, the award will be divided among the team members.

How will the winners be chosen, and what is the prize?
Throughout the academic year, the president will review and assess the potential of each suggestion. Twice annually, the president will choose up to two suggestions that in their opinion exemplify the spirit of the program. The contributors of those suggestions will be given an award in the amount of $1,000. The winner(s) may also be updated and possibly included on the review of the idea, per the discretion of the Office of the President. Not all winning ideas may be implemented due to availability of university resources.

Deadlines for submitting an idea:
  • Fall Deadline: November 1
  • Winter Deadline: March 1