Where Are Our Alumni Now?


Degrees from the Political Science Department prepare students for countless opportunities after graduation. Indeed, a degree in political science, international relations or public administration opens more doors that it closes.

We have had our graduates leave OU and go to all corners of the US and beyond.
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Jenna Blankenship (IR 2016) - "In my very first semester as a student at OU I did research with Professors Klemanski and Dulio on their campaign book. The amount of experience I received early on in my undergraduate career was invaluable. After that, the department funded a number of trips for me to present my research at both the MPSA and ASMEA conferences. These experiences afforded me the opportunity to gather feedback from experts in the field and better my research. 
Additionally, with the help of the department, the Model United Nations Club was not only able to continue to compete in numerous conferences, but we also have been successful in hosting our own conference. In my time with the organization we grew from a modest group of 8 to more than 25 students. None of which would have been possible without your help. 
It is because of the dedication of the department that I am now living and working in Washington, DC."

Ellen Hainey (IR 2014) -
"I recently had several job interviews with a company called CFI Group in Ann Arbor. I was extended an offer, and I firmly believe that the MPSA (Midwest Political Science Association conference) experience at the top of my resume is what made me successful - all of the interviewers asked me about the conference and about the research that I presented. I accepted the position, and will be working with data. Additionally, there is opportunity to advance within the company, and potentially hone in on my SPSS skills. I don't think I would have been given the same opportunity had I not conducted research and been able to list the MPSA conference on my resume."

Josh Colby (PS 2010)
– “Another way my degree has come in handy is actually through the Public Opinion course. Studying the demographics is extremely important within the music industry. You need to know which target audience best fits the genre of music you are promoting to receive the best results for CD sales, iTunes sales, and ticket sales for concerts. Understanding those demographics are so important to make a successful artist. Just like when promoting for a candidate, you have to hit the right target audiences, age groups, and geographical areas to have a successful outcome. It really shows how a Political Science degree is a great, all-around degree to have. You can do almost anything with one and it will relate somehow to the field of work you enter.”

Bradley Horton (IR 2010) – “Probably the biggest thing I took away from the IR courses … was the ability to interpret information and draw conclusions from it in an informed way.”

Addison Pierce (IR 2010) – “I am currently between election cycles, and working at JPMorgan Chase. The Chinese language classes I had to take as my language requirement have come in real handy. I have to stay in my entry-level position for a calendar year but I have already had interviews for positions in the international arm of the investment bank.”

Liz Reichard (IR minor 2010) – “I may not be directly using my IR minor, I am so happy that I pursued it. Critical thinking was a fundamental element of these classes and would be a tremendous tool in any field. In addition, I would go so far to say that taking some of the IR classes should be a requirement to graduate.”

Liz Martinez (IR 2009) – “I have been wavering on grad school for about two years … however with time and some work experience I have decided I really want to get [more] education … I miss being in the classroom and being surrounded by informed peers who like to discuss international politics.”

Graham Stevens (IR 2009) – “I work as an International Trade Manager for Wabtec Corporation here in Pittsburgh. I manage the international trade operations and customs clearance for all import and export shipments for three of our divisions. Everything ranging from duty to licensing to NAFTA qualification to supply chain management.”

Andrew Waterhouse (IR 2008) – “My new boss told me that one of the things that made me interesting was the IR degree. He said this week, ‘your degree tells me that you can think.’ This again demonstrates how valuable an undergrad IR degree can be. So with the degree and being creative in how I sold myself, I have landed an amazing opportunity.”

Where are
they now?
Below is a selected list of alumni who have graduated in the last six years or so and how they are using their degree (organized by general area of employment). If you would like more information on what you can do with a political science degree, please contact Professor Dulio.

  • Global Security & Innovative Strategies (GSIS), Washington, DC - Jenna Blankenship
  • Legislative Assistant, State Rep. Marilyn Lane, Lansing, MI - John Fleming
  • Administrative Assistant to the Director of Human Resources, Royal Oak, MI - Nicole Jones
  • Staff Aide, Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, Committee on Armed Services, US Senate - Katie Kulenkampff
  • US Department of State - Adela Levis
  • Youth and Family Caseworker for Oakland County Circuit Court - Family Division, Oakland County, MI - Victoria Martinuzzi
  • Department of State Aide, State of Michigan, Lansing, MI - Cassandra Schenburn
  • Special Project Assistant, Economic Development, City of Warren, MI - Jordan Twardy
  • Legislative Director, State Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, Lansing, MI - Eric Ventimiglia
  • Deputy Director of Scheduling, Office of Governor Rick Snyder - Tori Rexford
  • Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State, Cairo, Egypt - Matt Wills
  • Border Patrol Agent, US Department of Homeland Security, Del Rio, Texas - Sean O'Malley
  • Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter - Scott Ryan Czasak
  • Social Insurance Specialist, Social Security Administration - Nicole Dallo
  • Executive Assistant, Clerk's Office, Charter Township of Oakland - Jamie Moore
  • Assistant Coordinator of Government Relations - Dennis Capa
  • Management Analyst for the Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office - Ashley Coneff

Non-Profit Organizations
  • Community Engagement Coordinator, Care House, Macomb County Child Advocacy Center- Bria Bentley
  • Online Community Manager, KaBOOM!, Washington, D.C. - Jason Cooper
  • Community Advocate, Chadsey Condon Community Organization, Detroit MI - Charity Dean
  • Youth Coaching Director/Public Relations Writer, Force Fooball Club, Bloomfield Hills, MI - Chris Edwards
  • Project Coordinator, National Diversity Council, Houston TX - Bradley Horton
  • Development Specialist, Detroit Historical Society, Detroit, MI - Amanda Saoud
  • AmeriCorps - Gina Valente

Politics / Lobbying / Public Policy
  • Consultant to the US Department of Energy, BCS Inc., Washington, DC - Kristin Buda
  • International Programs Analyst, Allied Associates International, Warrenton, VA - Brien Jason
  • Owner, White Pine Consulting, multi-client public affairs and political consultants, Shelby Twp MI - Brian Koss
  • West Michigan Public Policy Director, Michigan Association of Realtors, Grand Rapids, MI - Doug Merriam
  • Senior Analyst, BRTRC, Fairfax, VA - Michael Mersol-Barg
  • Organizational Improvement Consultant, Grant Thornton Global Public Sector, Alexandria, VA - Michael Potter
  • Senior Project Manager, Political Media Inc., Washington, DC - Daniel Stepanian-Bennett
  • Program Analyst, Health and Disability Project, National Association of County and City Health Officials - Sarah Cook Yates
  • Finance Coordinator, Rick for Michigan Campaign - Alyssa Lemke
  • Field Director, Pete Hoekstra for United States Senate - Josh Cline
  • Field Coordinator, Americans for Prosperity - Samantha Bell
  • Government Relations Assistant, Michigan Association of CPA's - Dennis Capa
  • Communications and Social Media Consultant, DMC Strategies - Philip Garofalo 

  • Product Developer, e-commerce, WoodlandDirect, Rochester, MI - Stefanie Bohde
  • Direct Banking Specialist, Comerica Bank, Auburn Hills MI - Amy DuQuesnay
  • Project Banker, Quicken Loans - BJ Humphrey
  • Marketing Manager, Mercent, Seattle WA - Bretton Jones
  • Jackson Nation Life, New Annuity Business Unit, Lansing MI - Laura Laugavitz
  • Account Specialist, Kelly Services, Troy, MI - Elizabeth Martinez
  • Account Executive, Weber Shandwick, New York - Justin Mularski
  • Program Buyer, Faurecia Interior Systems, Auburn Hills MI - Aaron Perez
  • JPMorgan Chase, Troy MI - Addison Pierce
  • Content Manager/Editor, Organizeit.com, Shelby Twp MI - Liz Reichard
  • Lead Data Visualization Analyst, Swedish Medical Group, Seattle, WA - Matthew Runde
  • Sales Engineer, Midwest Illumination, Clarkston, MI - Eric Schwarzberg
  • International Trade Manager, Wabtech Corp., Pittsburgh PA - Graham Stevens
  • Brand Manager, FIAT USA - Andrew Waterhouse

Academic / Graduate School
  • The American Graduate School, Paris - Alma Ajazi
  • MS student, Information Assurance program at the University of Detroit Mercy Center for Cyber Security - Justin Clarke
  • PhD candidate, Political Science, University of Missouri - Melissa Connolly
  • PhD candidate, Political Science, University of Pittsburgh - Scott Cook
  • MA student, Communication, Eastern Michigan University - Benjamin Elmgren
  • Political Science Instructor, St. Clair County Community College and PhD candidate, Political Science, Wayne State University - Ethan Flick
  • MA candidate, Linguistics, Oakland University - Bup Mee Sunim (Kevin Hickey)
  • MPA candidate, Wayne State University - Mary Eileen Kennedy
  • Assistant Professor of Communications, Purdue University - Christopher Kowal
  • MA candidate, Counseling Psychology, Wayne State University - Traci Lee
  • MS student, Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis, Michigan State University - Scott Nalu
  • MA student, Geography/Geographic Information Systems, Western
  • Michigan University - Ariana Toth
  • MA, University of Manchester, United Kingdom - Adam Woodhead
  • MA student, International Development Administration, Western Michigan University - Rhiannon Zielinski

  • Teacher, US government, Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda, MD - Rainer Kulenkampff
  • Teacher, English, union representative - Duane Hurt

Information Technology
  • Simulation Systems Administrator, Wayne State University School of Nursing - Derek Brown
  • Founder and CEO of "HeyitsMe" mobile applications and computer software company - Lawrence Mansour

International Development
  • Public Policy Intern, USAID, Tblisi, Georgia, Staff Editor, Georgia Today - William King

Legal Careers
  • Founder/President, Multilingual Immigration Services, LLC, Royal Oak, MI - Mashi Duli
  • Trademark Paralegal, McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Chicago, IL - Hope Karmo
  • Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Oakland County Prosecutor's Office, MI - Joshua Miller
  • Associate Attorney, Sommers Schwartz, P.C. - Tad Roumayah
  • Assistant Solicitor, 16th Circuit Solicitor's Office, York County, SC - Doug Sexton
  • Winston & Strawn LLP Chicago - Brett Geschke 

Law School
  • College of William and Mary Law School
  • Georgetown University School of Law
  • Harvard University School of Law
  • Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis
  • Loyola University Chicago School of Law
  • Michigan State University College of Law
  • Notre Dame Law School
  • University of California Davis School of Law
  • University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  • University of Maryland School of Law
  • University of Michigan School of Law

  • 82nd Airborne Division, US Army, Fort Bragg NC - Bafti Baftiu
  • 2nd Lt., US Air Force, Vance Air Force Base, Enid, OK - Alex Eagle