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Monday–Friday: 8:00–11:59 a.m. and 1:00–5:00 p.m.

Scholarships and Awards

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Deming Scholarship

Scholarship for Statistics Students

The Deming Scholarship fund was established in the late 1980s by Professors Harvey Arnold and David Downing, and subsequently was augmented with substantial contributions from the Automotive Division of the American Society for Quality. Graduate students in statistics degree programs are eligible for consideration. Selection criteria include academic performance and potential as a practicing statistician.

Past award winners

  • Juhi Gujarathi and David Piworwarski (2022-2023)
  • Dawn Proper
  • Mary Pannone
  • Michael Kadar
  • Ileana Gonzalez
  • Nibedita Bandyopadhyay
  • Tracy Wu
  • Feiyi Jia
  • Holly Kielbowicz
  • Gary Radka
  • Jon Oaks
  • Shannon Hunter
  • Greg Koscik
Bragg Award

Louis R. Bragg Graduating Senior Award

The award was initiated in 1995 by a gift from Professor Lou Bragg and is intended for graduating seniors in the mathematical sciences. The award is normally given to one individual in the mathematical sciences (mathematics, mathematics with secondary education, statistics, or actuarial science) per year. (In rare circumstances, two graduates may share the award, or we may find no one deserving in a given year.) 

As for selection criteria, the awardee should, at the very minimum, qualify for departmental honors.  Beyond that, the Award Committee, consisting of three department faculty members, is permitted to develop its own criteria. Some possibilities include examining the overall GPA, the GPA in the mathematical science courses, the level of difficulty of the mathematical science courses taken, participation in the Putnam competition, contributions in undergraduate research projects, leadership roles, and possible plans for graduate study.

2022-2023: David Piwowarski
2021-2022: Nicole E. Baker and Andrew Dimmer
2020-2021: Roman Germanski, Sarah Medley, Simon Miller, and Victoria Ochs
2019-2020: Michael Maguran and David Pement
2018-2019: Zachary Cheney and Christopher Conte
2017-2018: Kathryn Anderson
2016-2017: Justin Kelm
2015-2016: Julian Venegas
2014-2015: Nicole E. Stawasz
2013-2014: Nicole Bramos and Michael Zandi
2012-2013: Joseph Meyer
2011-2012: David King
2010-2011: Stephen Bodiya and Bruce Pell
2009-2010: Matthew Toeniskoetter
2008-2009: Nicholas Fireman
2007-2008: Kevin Pate
2006-2007: Elizabeth Cox
2005-2006: Nathan Darter and Adam Tucker
2004-2005: Mark Rasmussen
2003-2004: Daniel Steffy
2002-2003: Robert Dohner
2001-2002: Natalie Thomas
2000-2001: David Houston
1999-2000: Matt Halfan
1998-1999: Darrin Hanna
1997-1998: Laura K. Anderson and Roxanne M. Feldpausch
1996-1997: Danielle L. Driscoll

McKay Research Assistantship

Winter 2020: Stephanie Budzisz
Fall 2019: Trinh Tran
Winter 2019: Niko Kaso
Fall 2018: Chris Melekian
Fall 2017–Winter 2018: Karimah Sweet
Fall 2016–Winter 2017: Manoj Bahuguna

Froemke Scholarship

Fall 2020Winter 2021:Sarah Medley 
Fall 2019–Winter 2020: Ben Diehl
Fall 2018–Winter 2019: Ian Matthews
Fall 2017–Winter 2018: Tyler Wiegand
Fall 2016–Winter 2017: Adam Dejans
Fall 2015–Winter 2016: Joe LoCicero
Fall 2014–Winter 2015: Amelia McIlvenna

Bragg Scholarship

2022–2023: Bridget Boczar and Jack Garnai
2020–2021: Nicole E. Baker and Jack Garnai
2019–2020: Noah Weinert and Jamie DeBrincat
2018–2019: Nicole E. Baker


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