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Raquel Prieta

Raquel Prieta
Raquel Prieta
Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Education
373 O'Dowd Hall
(248) 370-2153

DEGREE: Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, Florida State University; M.A. in Spanish, Florida State University; Teaching Certificate and B.A. in English Philology, Deusto University.

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Input processing in second language acquisition, sentence processing in bilinguals, brain-based instruction and the development of instructional materials that are brain-based.

Dr. Raquel Prieta obtained her Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics from Florida State University in 2016. She joined Oakland University the same year, where she is an Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Education and the Coordinator of the Foreign Language Education Program for STEP (Secondary Teacher Education Program). She teaches Teaching Methods courses for both elementary and secondary levels, as well as courses in Spanish and linguistics. She specializes in second language acquisition, applied linguistics, teaching methods and bilingualism. Dr. Prieta believes that being exposed to quality target input is the best way for students to learn the language and that is why her current line of research includes the development of an instructors’ L2 corpus that will be the first of its kind. She has presented her research in national and international conferences and is currently working on several publications. In her free time, she is an avid traveler.