Your 2021 Orientation Experience

Your 2021 orientation will have four different steps throughout the summer that start virtual and move toward in-person events in August. This revised program was designed with community, campus, and student health front and center. Though it's been an unprecedented year, we know that you are excited to get started at OU and we can't wait to help you kick start your college experience.

Step 1: Complete the pre-orientation checklist

There's no need to wait! Begin working through your pre-orientation checklist below. These tasks must be completed at least a week before your scheduled orientation date.You will need your NETID and password to fill out the form and login to eSpace.

Step 2: Attend your virtual New Student Orientation

Your scheduled orientation day in May - July will take place via Zoom Video Conferencing. You and your parents/guests will experience a 4-hour block of programming.

During the first two hours, you and your parents/guests will join the same Zoom session to hear presentations about first-year success and student financial services, as well as meet the orientation team that will be assisting you throughout the summer.

In the last two hours, your parents/guests will remain in the main Zoom session to hear more about the first year experience at OU. You will join a new Zoom session to meet with your academic adviser and sign up for courses.

Please plan to have two devices available, as you and your parents/guests will be in two different Zoom sessions in the latter half of your orientation.  

How will I join my orientation?

The link to the main Zoom session will be sent to your OU email a few days prior to your scheduled date.

What will I need to have during my orientation?

You'll find digital versions of everything you need in our virtual student folder in the Pre-Orientation Module. You will need your NETID and password to log in to eSpace.

Can my parents/guests join me in this virtual session?

Parents/guests begin the orientation session with you. Then, in the latter half, you will join a different Zoom session to meet with your academic adviser and sign up for courses while your parents/guests remain in the main Zoom session to hear more about the first year experience at OU.

Can my parents/guests join my advising and course registration session?

We encourage you to take responsibility for the advising and course registration session independently. This will be your first chance to meet other students and your adviser. Advisers are available all summer if you and your parents/guests have follow-up questions.

What if my parent/family member is unable to attend the parent session?

Pre-recorded information for parents/guests will be available on this site if they are unable to log in for the live session. If they have any questions, we encourage them to contact us at

What are the technology requirements?

Participating in your virtual session will require a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet capabilities. You will also need a consistent internet or Wi-Fi connection. If you don't have access to these technology resources or need help finding access to a second device so that your parents/guests can also take part, let us know by emailing so we can make alternative arrangements for you. 

Your virtual session will use Zoom so you will need to install this software on each device or computer you and your parents/guests will be using for orientation. If you have questions, be sure to check out our quick how-to videos about using Zoom on a mobile device or desktop.

What if I need accessible materials or ASL interpreting?

To request accommodations please contact us at (248) 370-4653 or to get the process started. 

What if I have an issue logging in to the session?

You can contact Orientation and New Student Programs at (248) 370-4653 for troubleshooting help.

What if I lose internet connection during my virtual orientation session?

No worries! We've been there too. If your internet comes back on, you can click the link in your OU email to rejoin the session again. To prevent this from happening, we encourage other members of your household to consider limiting their use of Wi-Fi during your orientation time. Please contact us at (248) 370-4653 or if you need help reconnecting or if you have an internet outage that won't allow you to complete your virtual orientation.

Step 3: Join us for August Campus Kickoff events

Campus Kickoff events have concluded for this year. If you haven't already, head to Step 4 and follow the instructions to sign up for New Student Welcome. 

Step 4: Attend New Student Welcome

New Student Welcome takes place on August 31 or September 1 and features a school or college-based convocation and academic open house. You'll once again be on-campus with other students and get the chance to learn more about your chosen major. 

We’re in the process of planning out the specifics of what the day will look like, so keep an eye on your official OU email account. You’ll receive additional details about parking, health and safety measures, etc. in a reminder email a few days before your scheduled date.


Your day of attendance is based on your school or college. 


Review the details of each day to find out what day to register for:

August 31
9-10 AM - Undecided and Bachelor of Integrative Studies
12-1 PM - College of Arts and Sciences
3-4 PM - School of Health Sciences

September 1
9-10 AM - School of Business Administration
12-1 PM - School of Nursing
3-5 PM - School of Engineering and Computer Science & School of Education Human Services

Note: School of Engineering and Computer Science & School of Education and Human Services have been combined into one event.


You can only register for a New Student Welcome session that's connected to your major. You will need to know your school/college in order to register for your specific session. If you are unsure of your school/college, refer to the Careertool. Click on your major (listed alphabetically) and look under the Contact Information section for the name of your school or college. (For example, the communication major is within the College of Arts and Sciences).  


If you receive the error “event is restricted and not open for all,” please contact Orientation and New Student Programs at (248) 370-4653 or


New Student Welcome is a student-only event. No guests are allowed. 


This event is step 4 of the orientation process and students should plan to be in attendance. If you have any questions, please contact Orientation and New Student Programs at (248) 370-4653 or

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