e-Learning and Instructional Support

Kresge Library, Room 430
100 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4479
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Office: (248) 370-4566
Help: (248) 805-1625

e-LIS Help Desk:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - noon

Submit an online help ticket 24 hours per day

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About e-LIS

e-LIS offers software support, an online best practices course, instructional design help, online program development assistance and much more . We are your online learning experts! We also can help faculty and staff implement engaging online pedagogy using the professional media lab, the Lightboard, or our state of the art virtual reality lab.

e-LIS has the privilege of leading two committees composed of faculty, staff and students, the e-LIS Advisory Committee and the Online Programs Committee. These committees provide e-LIS with valuable input on new technologies, faculty needs, concerns, etc.

Mission and Values


The e-Learning and Instructional Support (e-LIS) department exists to expand learning opportunities beyond physical campus spaces in order to provide learners with high-quality, accessible, flexible, and active online learning experiences. We are dedicated to providing support and technology services to faculty, students, and staff that advance Oakland University’s academic, research, engagement, and inclusion goals.

Core Values

Service - Providing timely and quality support services, empathizing with those we serve regardless of their experience or prior knowledge, and responding to their needs.

Inclusivity - Incorporating multiple voices and experiences by valuing identities, perspectives, and backgrounds. Leveraging technology to increase accessibility and remove barriers.

Creativity and Innovation - Creatively solving problems, adapting to changing circumstances, and incorporating new tools and strategies.

Collaboration and Partnerships - Working together, sharing our talents, pitching in, and partnering with campus stakeholders and community members.

Growth - Committing to ongoing professional and personal development, supported by designated resources and opportunities made available for all.

Staff Directory
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Shaun Moore, Ph.D.
Director of e-Learning
430F Kresge Library
(248) 370-4414
man in a plaid shirt smiling at the camera

Dan Arnold, Ph.D.
Manager of Support Services
430N Kresge Library
(248) 370-3669 
man in a black Oakland University shirt smiling at the camera

Nic Bongers, Ph.D.
Instructional Graphic Designer
430I Kresge Library
(248) 370-3154
man in a gray Oakland University shirt smiling at the camera

John Coughlin
Senior Systems Analyst
430H Kresge Library
(248) 370-4618
Photo Not Available

Kate Huttenlocher
Assistant Manager of Support Services
430 Kresge Library
(248) 370-4566
Photo Not Available

Ginell McCarrick
Office Assistant 
430 Kresge Library
(248) 370-4520
man in a blue checkered button down shirt, smiling at the camera

Eric A. Merrill
Learning Management Programmer
430M Kresge Library
(248) 370-4592
man in a gray Oakland University shirt and glasses smiling at the camera

Matthew G. Switlik
Learning Management Programmer
430L Kresge Library
(248) 370-3260
Photo Not Available

Jess Tess-Navarro
Instructional Designer
430 Kresge Library
(248) 370-2584
Photo Not Available

Rebecca Thomas
Marketing & Compliance Coordinator
430 Kresge Library
(248) 370-4566
woman in a red and black striped shirt smiling at the camera

Diane Underwood
Online Program and Marketing Manager
430K Kresge Library
(248) 370-4971
e-LIS Advisory Committee

The e-LIS Advisory Committee advises and supports the e-Learning and Instructional Support department on broad, institution-wide issues related to online learning including online programs, policy, technology, faculty development, academics, student enrollment, trends in online learning, finance, and strategic planning. Committee members also help distribute information back to academic units about topics of discussion.

The committee is represented by students, as well as faculty from all of the schools and colleges in the university.


  • Shaun Moore - e-LIS (Chair)
  • Diane Underwood - e-LIS
  • Nic Bongers - e-LIS
  • Dan Arnold- e-LIS
  • Leesha Carmichael - CAS - Humanities
  • Helena Riha - CAS - Linguistics
  • Mary Craig- CAS - Math & Sci
  • Dean Purcell - CAS - Social Sci
  • Christina Moore - CETL
  • Cindy Sifonis - LS
  • Julia Rodriguez - KL
  • Shawn McCann - KL
  • Malli Barremkala - OUWB
  • Tammy Tollon- OUWB
  • Cynthia Miree-Coppin - Provost's Office
  • Tim Hodge - SBA
  • Liang Fu - SBA
  • Shannon Flumerfelt - SEHS
  • Bill Solomonson - SEHS
  • Chris Kobus - SECS
  • Richard Olawoyin - SECS
  • Tara Diesbourg - SHS
  • Stephanie Mabry - SHS
  • Gary Moore - SON
  • Peg Kennedy - SON
  • Adeline Perhogan - Student Congress
Online Programs Committee

The Online Programs Committee is composed of faculty and staff that run online programs in their schools or college. The committee discusses online program topics such as marketing, state authorization, stipends/incentives, instructional design services, and online program creation process. Committee members also help distribute information back to academic units about topics of discussion.


  • Shaun Moore - e-LIS (Chair)
  • Diane Underwood - e-LIS
  • Rebecca Thomas - e-LIS
  • Christine Abbott - SEHS
  • Ambika Bhargava - SEHS
  • Kelly Berishaj - SON
  • Cynthia Carver - SEHS
  • Lori Crose - PACE
  • Deb Doherty - SHS
  • Shannon Flumerfelt - SEHS
  • Claudia Grobbel - SON
  • Darlene Groomes - SEHS
  • Meghan Harris - SON
  • Sarah Jahimiak - BIS
  • Amy Johnson - SON
  • John McEneaney - SEHS
  • Michele Parkhill Purdie - BIS
  • Michelle Piskulich - Provost’s Office
  • Nivedita Mukherji - SBA
  • Amy Olind - PACE
  • Traci Parsons - SEHS
  • Linda Pavonetti - SEHS
  • Jason Pennington - SON
  • Pat Piskulich - CAS
  • Laura Pittiglio - SON
  • Donna Rich - SEHS
  • Suzanne Rossi - CAS
  • Erica Ruegg - SEHS
  • Tom Schenk - SHS
  • Jen Sikora - CAS
  • Thandi Sule - SEHS
  • Kristine Thompson - SHS
  • Carolyn Tieppo - SON
  • Paul Trumbull - SBA
  • Deborah Vanderlinde - MTD
  • Bob Van Til - SECS
  • Caryn Wells - SEHS
  • Lindsay Zeig - BIS
Annual Report

2020-21 Year at a Glance 
Highlights e-Learning and Instructional Support activity and accomplishments from the complete July 2020-June 2021 Annual Report.