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Student Life Lecture Board

Student Life Lecture Board

The Student Life Lecture Board (SLLB) sponsors a popular and diverse series of lectures at Oakland University that educate, inform, motivate and entertain OU students and the community.   

Some of the past speakers include Dr. Jane Goodall,  Blake Mycoskie, Thomas Friedman, Alton Brown, Mitch Albom, Maya Angelou, Pearl Bailey, President Jimmy Carter, Danny Glover, James Earl Jones, Robert Kennedy Jr., Al Roker, Kurt Vonnegut, Lech Walesa, Oprah Winfrey, Laverne Cox, and Bill Nye. See the  complete list of past speakers.

Student Life Lecture Board Members

Current SLLB members for 2017-2018 include:

  • Hannah Clark, Student Co-chair, hjclark@oakland.edu
  • Jean Ann Miller, Staff Co-chair, Director, The Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development, jam@oakland.edu
  • Elizabeth Talbert, Faculty representative
  • Amy Ring Cebelak, Staff representative
  • Tricia Westergaard, Staff representative
  • Chris Winter, SPB representative
  • Lena Mishack, OUSC representative
  • Maddy Clark, Student representative
  • Hal McCown, Student representative
  • Angela Peticca, Student representative 
  • Mike Larue, Student representative 
  • Madison Kubinski, Student representative 
  • Jasmine McNeal, Student representative 
  • Sarah Buzolits, Student representative 

The Student Life Lecture Board By-laws cover the purpose of the organization, membership, responsibilities, meetings and amendments.