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Oakland’s chemistry degree is for students who wish to incorporate a science major into a broader liberal arts program or want a foundation in the chemical sciences as a basis for graduate study in the physical or life sciences; employment in industrial or government laboratories; or professional studies in medicine, patent law or business. You also have the opportunity to prepare for a career in teaching chemistry at the secondary level with the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP), leading to a recommendation for certification to the Michigan Department of Education, as well as several teaching minors available. 

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in chemistry is for students who wish to incorporate a science major into a broader liberal arts program or who wish to have a foundation in chemistry as a basis for study in chemical physics, medicine and related fields, environmental studies, and technical-legal or technical-business careers. Students interested in sales or management careers in the chemical industry might consider taking the minor in general business offered by the School of Business Administration.

The Bachelor of Science (ACS certified) degree with a major in chemistry consists of the core curriculum and corequisite courses plus a set of advanced courses. Students must be approved for major standing and must complete the core curriculum. In selecting advanced courses, students may tailor their programs to fit specific career objectives, such as industrial chemistry, biochemistry, graduate study, research, medicine or dentistry. Students should plan their programs in consultation with a faculty adviser through our departmental advising. Advanced course programs must be approved as part of the application for major standing.

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Jessica Koppen
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Jennifer Tillinger
B.A./B.S. Chemistry Adviser
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Xiangqun Zeng
Graduate Adviser
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