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Student Employee of the Month

headshot of Maxx Haehn

Student Employee of The Month – June 2018

We would like to introduce you to Maxx Haehn, our Employee of The Month for June 2018!

Maxx continues to be a valuable student employee at The Tutoring Center, serving as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for PHY 1020/1090 in Summer I & II, working as a Peer Tutor by appointment and also serving as a Summer Student Campus Corps employee.

As an SSCC employee, Maxx has been working diligently to help create new video content in the areas of physics and mathematics for students who need help reviewing prerequisite material. Be sure to check out all of Maxx’s videos as they are uploaded to The Tutoring Center website and YouTube Channel throughout the summer!

Heading into his final year at Oakland University, Maxx plans to graduate in the Spring semester of 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.

Aside from working in The Tutoring Center, Maxx serves as the President of the Society of Physics at Oakland University, partakes in research on campus, plays intramural sports and is a member of The Honors College. He occasionally attends basketball games and other campus-wide activities when he can.

When is he not focused on his studies, Maxx enjoys reading and hanging out with friends.

Upon graduation, Maxx plans to attend graduate school and is hopeful to continue his research.

Be sure to schedule a tutoring appointment with Maxx online or check out his SI sessions if you’re enrolled in PHY 1020/1090 this summer at OU!