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Toni S. and Kenneth Walters Student Literacy Scholarship

Dr. Toni S. Walters was influential during her Oakland University teaching career. A number of her former students, as a tribute to her influence, celebrated her career and retirement by honoring Dr. Walters with gifts toward a scholarship bearing her and her husband’s name. With those gifts, Dr. Walters is establishing an endowment for an annual tuition award benefiting students studying literacy. 

Award Information
The award can be used for tuition, fees, books and other costs associated with enrollment in the School of Education and Human Services.

Eligible students for the Toni S. and Kenneth Walters Literacy Scholarship are
  • Graduate students enrolled in a Reading and Language Arts program in the School of Education and Human Services or undergraduate students studying literacy.
  • Maintaining a 3.2 or higher GPA. 
  • Discussing how they serve one’s community, emphasizing on commitment to ethnically and economically diverse communities in urban/metropolitan educational institutions.
  • Priority will be given for students who have demonstrated service in the field of literacy as an in-service or pre-service teacher, on Oakland University’s campus (which could include a student organization or literacy clinic), or through community service.

Students may only receive one Walters Endowed award in each academic year, but are otherwise eligible to apply for Endowment awards in other academic years.

Dr. Toni Walters, 2012 recipient Debra Johnson, Interim Dean Maxfield and Associate Dean Brown

“Dr. Walters and her husband Ken were both barrier breakers who paved the way for others educational dreams and aspirations. Their unselfishness and unwavering commitment allowed countless OU students the opportunity to complete undergraduate and graduate programs. Professor Walters did not just teach, she inspired us to be the very best…I will be forever grateful!”

Jonella A. Mongo, Ph.D.
1999, Reading Education

"The work of educators is an ever evolving work. One that requires discipline, creativity, passion, compassion, reflective practice, and a willingness to do what is best for children in the face of opposition. The Walters lived by these values and imparted their importance to me. Possibly the greatest lesson that I learned as a result of my relationship with Dr. Toni Walters is that my work, the work of all who practice education, not only involves teaching children to learn but teaching them to use what they learn to advance our world. Mr. Walters, known for his knowledge of all things, especially practiced the act of compassion through his willingness to share his wife with students like me. He made me feel as if my late night calls and weekend collaborations were not intrusive; but rather, welcomed moments to make this world a better place on behalf of children. For that, I am eternally grateful."

Rosalyn Shahid, Ph.D.
2011 Reading Education

donate online
If you would like to help the Toni S. and Kenneth Walters Literacy Scholarship grow, you can give online or contact the School of Education and Human Services development office at or (248) 370-4233.

Dr. Toni S. and Kenneth Walters
apply now

To request a paper application, email or contact the Reading and Language Arts department at (248) 370-3065.

Application Deadline
February 6, 2015

Applicants are notified at the end of term prior to term in which award is to be used.

For further information, contact: 
Department Chair of Reading and Language Arts
485K Pawley Hall
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309
(248) 370-3065

2014 Sherry Andrews
Rachel Butler
Taraneh Matloob Haghanikar
Debra Johnson