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The Writing Center opens for Summer I on May 7th. Our services will be offered online (via WCOnline) and face-to-face (in the Joan Rosen Writing Studio, 212 Kresge Library) by appointment..

To make an appointment, click on WCOnline.

Please note our scheduling policy:

  • Writers may schedule up to three consultations per week.
  • Writers who cannot attend a scheduled appointment are asked to cancel it via their WCOnline account or by contacting the center in advance so another writer can make use of that appointment. Because we have limited resources, the advance scheduling privileges of writers who "no show" two scheduled appointments will be interrupted or suspended.

Virtual Help Desk for Quick Questions: If you have a quick question about documentation or other matters, you also can visit our Virtual Help Desk. If no one is available when you visit, you can leave your question, and a consultant will get back to you within 24 hours, generally sooner.

How to Schedule an Appointment and Access Assistance:

  • Schedule an Appointment: The Oakland University Writing Center uses WCOnline, a user friendly scheduling program that allows users to see the next available appointment, to search by day/time, and to add themselves to a wait list.
  • Consult these Resources:

Online Appointment Help Topics

Online Appointment Policies

Online appointments are synchronous (a collaborative, two-sided consultation), with the use of interactive tools such as video/audio as well as highlighter and drawing features.

Online Appointment Procedures

To Schedule an Online Appointment

Visit our online scheduler, WCOnline, login, then select the online appointment. Fill in your appointment details and save the appointment. You will receive a notification that it has been made online. If you have difficulty scheduling the appointment yourself, please email us at [email protected]. In either case, your appointment will show up in YELLOW on your screen.

To Enter an Online Appointment

Open the appointment window at least 5 minutes before it is time to meet to ensure that the connection is working.

To enter the online platform, you need to log into WCOnline, click on your appointment box, and click on “Start or Join Online Consultation,” in red. Another window will open for you. This is the online platform that you will use.

A new feature we are employing is the video and audio feature. A small video screen should pop up automatically (or ask for your permission to do so) on the left-hand side of the window. Make sure you are in a location where it is quiet enough to hear the consultant and for there to be less distraction. We suggest using headphones.

If you are the first one to enter the appointment, you will see instructions about the appointment in the space where you are expected to import or copy and paste your text or the assignment. Always check the person icon in the upper right corner to see if your consultant has entered the appointment. If there is a number “1,” you are the only one connected to the  session; you will see the number  “2” when both participants are connected. You also can choose a different color for your highlighting, which will show when you are chatting or adding something to the text.

During an Online Appointment

You primarily will talk through the video/audio feature, using the text feature in the chat box on the right-hand side of the window as needed.

Moving through an Appointment

Any changes you or the consultant makes in the document will be highlighted in the appropriate colors.

Tools to Use

  • Drawing Tools
    • Pencil icon: allows you to draw on top of the whiteboard. Within the drawing area, you can change the brush, clear your drawing, or use a solid background. 
  • Audio and Video: allows you to communicate via audio and video in addition to the text-based chat. To use this feature, click on the movie icon in the online appointment platform. Both audio and visual feed are available, but your consultant may instruct you to simply use the audio. In that case, you will be able to speak back and forth to each other, but for  compatibility purposes, no video features will be used. The first time you use audio and video, your browser may prompt you to allow the use of your camera and microphone in your session. 

After an Online Appointment

Saving the Information

The chat transcript and document will be saved in this online meeting platform until the end of the semester. You can always re-enter it by finding the original appointment (by date and time) and clicking the “Start or Join Online Consultation” link again.

To be on the safe side and/or if you need to share the session with your professor or group, we recommend that you copy and paste the session text from the online appointment into a different document at the end of the session.

Signing Off

To exit the session, simply close the online platform window and the appointment box.

Confirming an Online Appointment

Although we do not email professors on your behalf, you can do one of the following to confirm your attendance:

  1. Share the appointment tracking (text) from WCOnline (by copying and pasting it into the body of an email) and sending it to your professor.
  2. Email [email protected], requesting that a receptionist provide an email confirmation of the appointment. You must provide the day and time of the appointment as well as the professor’s name and email. The receptionist will email you confirmation of your appointment, which you can forward to your professor.
  3. If these options are not acceptable to your professor, you can email Dr. Wynn Perdue, Director.
Things to Know

Browsers to Use

Our experiences show that Google Chrome or Firefox are the best browsers for online appointments. Please make sure you log on 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to test your browser’s ability to open the online platform.

Changing Highlighting Colors

To change your color for readability purposes, simply click on the person icon in the upper right-hand corner and select different colors.


If for some reason you get disconnected, you can reconnect to the online session by closing the meeting, (reopening your appointment if you have been timed out), and clicking "Start or Join Online Consultation."

Similarly, if you have trouble with audio/video, make sure you have selected "Yes," "Allow," or "Share," so your browser will share your webcam and microphone. If you are not sure, click on the video camera icon. Try reconnecting, or complete this particular online appointment by using the text chat.

The Writing Center

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212 Kresge Library
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Summer 2024 Schedule
Tuesday-Thursday by appointment.