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Master of Science: Engineering Management

Engineering Management

M.S. in Engineering Management

The Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) is offered by the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department in cooperation with the School of Business Administration. The program has as its goal the provision of the tools and skills necessary for making sound management decisions in industry and business while retaining one’s commitment to a specialized engineering field of endeavor.   The MEM program is open to any engineer .

The competitive advantage of Oakland University’s MEM is its flexible curriculum. This flexibility provides students the ability to tailor the program to enhance their individual career needs.
on campus

Students are provided with a varied selection of on-campus courses in four key areas.

  1. Engineering Productivity Courses: select 2-3 courses from a list of 10 including Engineering Decision Analysis, Statistical Quality Analysis, and E-Commerce and ERP.
  2. Management Courses: select 4-5 courses from a list of 10 School of Business Administration courses including Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, and Legal Environment of Business.
  3. Engineering Specialty Courses: select 2 courses from over 150 courses offered in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Computer Science and Engineering.
  4. Theory Course: select 1 course from a list of 6 including Statistical Methods in Engineering and Systems Optimization and Design.
The program is intended for students with a bachelor's degree from any field of engineering (industrial and systems, mechanical, electrical, computer, etc.) - no additional courses are required. Applicants with an engineering technology, computer science, mathematics or science background will be considered for admission, but may be required to take additional preparatory courses in engineering.

Many engineers working full-time enroll in the MEM program on a part-time basis since all courses are offered in the evening. Students may enter the program at any time of the year and begin their classes in either September, January or May due to the flexible nature of the course requirements.

The online Master's in Engineering Management (MEM) imparts the knowledge necessary to successfully manage in environments where technologies are essential to success. The online MEM program has a flexible curriculum that consists of 5-6 engineering courses and 4-5 management courses. Courses are grouped into four areas:

1. Engineering Courses - select 4 courses from:
  • ISE 580 E-Commerce and ERP
  • ISE 585 Statistical Quality Analysis
  • ISE 587 Foundations of Systems Engineering I
  • ISE 680 Engineering Decision Analysis
  • Additional engineering courses to be announced
2. Management Courses - select 4 School of Business Administration courses from:
  • ACC 511 Financial Accounting
  • MGT 550 Legal Environment in Business
  • FIN 533 Financial Management
  • MKT 560 Marketing Management
  • ORG 530 Organizational Behavior
  • POM 521 Operations Management
3. Elective Course - select 1 course from:
  • ACC 512 Managerial Accounting
  • ECN 521 Economics for Managers (prerequisite: courses in micro and macro economics)
  • Any fifth course from the lists of Engineering or Management courses above
4. Theory Course:
  • ISE 517 Statistical Methods in Engineering

The program is for Engineers with a bachelor’s degree from any field of engineering - Industrial and Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Civil, etc. No preparatory courses are required.

You may enter the program at any time of the year and begin taking online classes in either September, January or May due to the flexible nature of the course requirements.
While all MEM students must satisfy the course requirements as listed in the OU Graduate Catalog, student may select those courses from the following concentrations if interested in focusing their studies on a particular area of interest.  Students can take any combination of these courses that satisfy catalog requirements - all are 4 credits except where noted otherwise.  Note these new 4-digit course numbers will take effect during the 2017 fall semester.
Product Lifecycle Management
  • ISE 5560 Product Lifecycle Management
  • ISE 5461 PLM Applications - Product Data Management (2 credits)
  • ISE 5462 PLM Applications - Robotics (2 credits)
  • ISE 5463 PLM Applications - Ergonomics (2 credits)
  • ISE 5466 PLM Applications - Change Management (2 credits)
  • ISE 5469 Simulation of Discrete Event Systems
Energy Management
  • ISE 5450 Foundations of Energy Management
  • ISE 5610 Energy Conservation Systems
  • ME 5530 Alternative Energy Systems
  • ME 6535 Fundamentals of Battery Systems for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • ECE 5630 Hybrid and Electric Drive Systems
Lean and Continuous Improvement
  • ISE 5581 Lean Principles and Application
  • ISE 5483 Production Systems and Workflow Analysis
  • ISE 5485 Statistical Quality Analysis
  • POM 5210 Operations Management (3 credits)
  • ISE 5900 Occupational Biomechanics
  • ISE 5441 Human Factors Engineering
  • ISE 5463 PLM Applications - Ergonomics (2 credits)
Systems Engineering
  • ISE 5487 Systems Engineering I
  • ISE 5488 Systems Engineering II
  • ISE 5520 Engineering Project Management
  • ISE 5560 Product Lifecycle Management
  • ISE 5461 PLM Applications - Product Data Management (2 credits)
  • ISE 5466 PLM Applications - Change Management (2 credits)
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