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Decision & Information Sciences

With society increasingly dependent on information processing and analysis, the Department of Decision and Information Sciences (DIS) offers several courses of study that help students meet and exceed market demands.

Oakland University is recognized for excellence in its information systems:
  • The Institute for Business and Information Technology lists Oakland as one of the top 50 schools on its IS Job Index
  • Silicon Angle, an independent media company recognizes Oakland as one of 11 universities that specialize in data science, analytics and business intelligence



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Please see the School of Business Administration faculty/staff directory for more information, including office location, link to personal web pages and more.

Vijayan Sugumaran, Chair (248) 370-4649
Henry Aigbedo
(248) 370-4959
Venugopal Balijepally
(248) 370-4088
Mohammad Dadashzadeh (248) 370-2831
Xiaodong Deng
(248) 370-4089
Eugene Fliedner
(248) 370-4281
Mark Isken (248) 370-3296
Thomas Lauer (248) 370-3287
Paul Licker (248) 370-2432
Karl Majeske (248) 370-4976
Kieran Mathieson (248) 370-3284
Yazan Roumani (248) 370-4958
Amy Rutledge (248) 370-3507
Joseph Schiele (248) 370-2821
Mohan Tanniru (248) 370-3205
T. J. Wharton (248) 370-4284

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Ziyad Al Obaidi, Arnaud Crowther, Shaun Wassell
First Place Phase I - Business Case
First Place Phase II - Proof of Concept
VisorTeam: Ziyad Al Obaidi, Arnaud Crowther, Shaun Wassell

Second Place Phase II - Proof of Concept, Mizumi Malhan
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Dr. Vijayan Sugumaran
Department Chair
442 Elliott Hall
(248) 370-4649