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Meet the Admissions Staff

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions staff facilitates the recruitment and enrollment of Oakland University students. Through campus tours, campus visit programs, high school and community college visits, informational fairs and even online chats, they reach out to prospective students and families almost every day of the year.

Admissions Advisers are available to answer questions about the application process or general Oakland University information. Please call (800) OAK-UNIV if you would like to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Adviser. 

Admitted? Learn about serving as an admissions ambassador

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Denica Brooks
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4459

Sharise Calhoun
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-3363

Patrick Cassady
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4478
Photo of Meghan Kelly

Courtney Duda
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4458
Photo of Adam Panchenko

Anthony Gallina
Alumni Admissions Ambassador
Program Coordinator 
(248) 370-4749

Meghan Nyeste
Senior Recruitment Adviser
(248) 370-4472

Adam Panchenko
Senior Recruitment Adviser
(248) 370-3310

Kelly Stumpmier
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4518

Colleen Szeliga
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-2360

Christine Talbert
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-2336

Meet the Undergraduate Admissions Staff
Dawn Aubry
Interim Assistant Vice President 
for Student Affairs & 
Director of Admissions
(248) 370-3364

Joan Love
Assistant Director
(248) 370-3365

Steve Szalay 
Assistant Director, Enrollment Information & Analysis
(248) 370-4993

Ronda Ferguson
Office Assistant
(248) 370-4556

Shane Lewis photo
Shane Lewis
Communications Coordinator
(248) 370-4431
Photo of Emily Stepanian-Bennett

Emily Stepanian-Bennett
Visit Coordinator
(248) 370-4644

DJ Bond
Graduate Assistant
(248) 370-4149

Erin Chatten
Graduate Assistant
(248) 370-4149

Madeleine Ryan
Graduate Assistant
(248) 370-4149