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Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships for Professional and Workforce Development

The mission of PACE is to collaboratively find the expertise to create custom programs that meet your specific workforce needs. Using the expertise of OU Faculty, PACE partners with organizations to provide professional development training through coursework, workshops and seminars. Employees can earn certificates, micro-credentials or further their degree. Similarly, PACE interfaces with both OU Faculty and local organizations to provide community enrichment programs as well.

Custom programs are available to address specific workforce development and training needs in select industries, including: 

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering/Technology
  • Healthcare
  • International Relations

Connect with PACE

Please contact Lori Crose, Director of PACE at [email protected] or (248) 370-3177 to learn more about custom programs.


>> [MUSIC] PACE is an acronym that stands  for Professional and Continuing Education. PACE is an internal OU unit that works across the university with each school and college to collaboratively find the expertise to create custom programs that meet your specific workforce needs. Our experts can provide solutions to your business issues, ranging from compliance to retention, to re-engineering the global workforce at any level. Whether dealing with leadership development, technical upskilling, or successfully blending a diverse employee base we are here to support you.

A custom program is specifically designed for a company or organization. Company experts work alongside OU's internal experts to create a program that solves a big headache or that launches a competitive edge.

Cost and time to develop both depends on program length, complexity and ability to match your need with our expert faculty time and availability.

OU is interested in ongoing partnerships with the community. In fact, working with the community is part of OU's mission and is included specifically in our strategic plan. OU is here to stay. We've been right here since 1959. Right here in your backyard you will find both forward-thinking faculty research experts, as well as subject vetted industry experts. The great thing is that our faculty are not only subject matter experts, but they're dedicated educational success. Through a dedicated training partnership, we can identify career pathway plans that provide a comprehensive approach to fostering your workforce growth with an eye on retention, whether through certificates, micro credentials or degree options, online or on-demand, we have you covered. Partnering with OU also brings opportunities to partner on research, recruit awesome graduates for your workforce, and support and develop your community at the same time. This amazing asset is undeniable.

Contact Lori Crose, Director of Professional and Continuing Education by emailing at [email protected] or by calling (248) 370-3177 and check out our website at