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Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate Program in Statistical Methods

Description from the Graduate Catalog
The program consists of 20 credits of statistical methods as set forth below. It is designed for completion in either one year or two years by students who are employed full time. The aim of the program is to provide knowledge in modern statistical methods for industrial managers. Graduates of the program will be capable of standard statistical treatment of industrial problems arising in research, development and production. They also will be able to recognize difficult problems and communicate well with fully trained statistical experts.

All applicants will be considered who have received a baccalaureate from a regionally accredited institution. Previous training should include one introductory statistics course and some exposure to calculus.

Requirements for the Certificate
To fulfill the certificate requirements, the student must have completed an approved program of at least 20 credits with at least a 2.0 in each course and an overall average of 3.00 in all courses. The courses normally included are STA 5001 (501), 5002 (502), 5003 (503) and 8 additional credits chosen from STA courses numbered 5224 (504) or higher. The course selections for a particular student will be chosen to complement previous statistics study and to enhance the competency of the individual in his/her chosen field of application.

Relationship to Master of Science in Applied Statistics
STA 5001 (501) does not count toward the MS degree, but all other STA courses numbered 5002 (502) or higher count fully toward the degree. Thus, students who complete the Graduate Certificate program will have 16 credits that count toward the MS degree. Certificate program students who wish to continue and pursue the MS degree should apply for admission to the MS program prior to completing the fifth course, and should make sure they have satisfied the prerequisites for admission to the MS program (which may require taking additional mathematics courses). For more information, speak to the coordinator.

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