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Thank you for your interest! We’re eager to have you connect with our students, who are the best and brightest in Greater Metro Detroit. Handshake is the best place to discover qualified Oakland University students and alumni to add to your team.

Looking for interns? Our highly qualified OU students are eager to fit your needs.

While we cannot provide placement services, you can find an intern via Handshake by posting a position or browsing through student profiles and resumes. Below is some important information about what makes a student position an internship:

Interns are short-term employees. Interns typically work for three to nine months during an academic semester. The time frame for the internship should be labeled clearly in your posting and discussed thoroughly with a selected candidate.

Internships are for learning. Internships allow students to generate meaningful work experiences while still attending classes. They also give you the opportunity to test out a student’s skills in a given position. Remember, these candidates are students first; supervisors should determine a regular work schedule to accommodate student coursework.

Consider offering compensation. Companies are not required to offer interns compensation. However, if you are not offering compensation, you must clearly state in your posting that it is an unpaid position. We highly recommend offering course credit for unpaid internships, as many student programs require some kind of internship for graduation.

Continuing employment is an option. Often, an internship is the springboard for an extension or full-time employment once the original internship is complete. Interested in starting an internship program? Check out the Internship Guide below from Hello West Michigan to get a jump start on your program.

West Michigan Internship Initiative Group

Oakland University and the Career and Life Design Center are not responsible for the quality, integrity, working ability or other characteristics of students responding to job postings listed on Handshake.

The Career and Life Design Center does not screen candidates who pursue job opportunities, and we do not make recommendations regarding potential employees. Employers are encouraged to request references, verify qualifications and evaluate the suitability of candidates for posted positions.

The Oakland University Career and Life Design Center aligns with the guidelines set forth in the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Conduct policy, and we suggest employers that wish to recruit Oakland University students and alumni should read and follow the principles as well.

The Career and Life Design Center cannot guarantee the accuracy of all postings and reserves the right to refuse postings. Use of this job posting website is entirely at the risk of users, and the university disclaims any and all liability with regard to usage of this site.

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