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Internal Audit

West Vandenberg Hall, Room 125
502 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to keep university records in my department?
Please review the University's Record Retention and Disposal policy (Administrative Policies and Procedures #481) for guidance.  For audit purposes, Internal Audit recommends departments retain documentation that is unique (i.e.; only found in their department) for three fiscal years, unless a longer period is mandated. If the information is for an external funding source (e.g.; grant), the department needs to comply with the agency's retention requirement. University records (e.g.; fund ledger, payment vouchers, etc...) are retained permanently by Central Finance; therefore, the department can dispose based on their discretion.

How do I request a standard audit of my department?
The department needs to prepare a written request that includes the reason(s) for the audit. This request must be approved by the division vice president. Once approved, the request should be forward to the president for his review and consideration. The president and internal audit director will deem the request's merit taking into consideration the university's risk assessment. If deemed appropriate, the internal audit director will contact the board chair of the Finance, Audit and Investment Committee for approval. No audit work will be performed until board approval occurs.

How do I report a fraudulent activity or employee misconduct?
You can contact the internal audit director by telephone, e-mail, fraud and anonymous tip hotline, or written document to report fraudulent activity or employee financial misconduct. Internal Audit will keep your identity confidential to the extent possible. The Reporting Fraud or Misappropriation page provides more specific instructions.

Employee misconduct involving personnel issues should be reported to the assistant vice president for UHR or the Office of Legal Affairs. Employee misconduct related to full-time or part-time faculty, academic administrators or deans should be reported to the assistant vice president for Academic HR or the Office of Legal Affairs. Those departments will determine if Internal Audit should be involved with the matter.

How do I get an Administrative Policy and Procedure updated or added to the online manual?
Internal Audit is no longer responsible for maintaining the university's Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual. Changes to the manual are made by the Vice President for Finance and Administration's Office. The Administrative Policies and Procedures site provides more specific instructions.