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See Something, Say Something, Do Something Presentation

See Something, Say Something, Do Something
Sexual Abuse Awareness

What is Sexual Abuse?
Unwanted sexual activity forced on a person by another

Characteristics of Offenders

  1. Offenders are not always strangers
  2. Sex offenders are not easy to suspect.
  3. Offenders can be male or female
  4. Offenders know their victims very well

Recognizing Sexual Abuse: Unacceptable Behaviors


  • Sexually provocative comments
  • Risqué jokes
  • Intimate/ sexual content
  • Touching of breast, buttocks, or groin
  • Watching a person undress
  • Watching a person use the bathroom

Recognizing Sexual Abuse: Acceptable Behaviors

Acceptable when done on occasion

  • Praise
  • Pats on the back or shoulders
  • Positive reinforcement for good work/ behavior

What Do You Do?

  • Report to a trusted adult IMMEDIATELY
  • Tell your parents
    • They will believe you
    • You will not be in trouble

How to Avoid Sexual Abuse

  • Know the adults you can trust
  • Check with a caregiver/adult before doing activities
  • Go places with friends instead of alone
  • Know what is considered acceptable behavior
  • You can say “No” or “Stop” to anyone that threatens you sexually
  • Don’t forget “See Something, Say Something, Do Something”
  • The best protection and prevention against sexual abuse is awareness

Important Contact Information

  • Michigan Report Hotline – (800) 942-4357
  • OUPD – (248)-370-3331
  • Non-OU Emergencies – 911

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