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K-12 Art Education

The Art Education certification program offered through the Department of Art and Art History and the School of Education and Human Services prepares undergraduate and post-baccalaureate art students to become K-12 visual art educators.

Our vision is to develop the student as artist and educator, which is embedded in the philosophical approach and organization of the curriculum. We have comprehensive art offerings that develop studio skill within aesthetic and conceptual frameworks; and foster critical thinking, visual reasoning, an extensive understanding of art history, and art’s context in contemporary society. Education courses include a comprehensive understanding of a variety of school models, 21st century learners, diverse student populations, constructivist methodology, project-based learning, arts-infused curriculum as well as developmentally appropriate pedagogy across the K-12 continuum. A strength of our program is our extensive field experiences in urban, suburban and rural classrooms in addition to a semester-long student internship.

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