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Degree Works

You’re working hard for your degree at Oakland University, pushing past obstacles to achieve success. We’re with you every step of the way, and have even more resources and services to help you stay on the path to graduation.

Degree Works is a new degree audit tool that helps you monitor your progress toward degree completion. It reorganizes your transcript by identifying how courses you have completed apply toward your degree, and course requirements you have left. Keep your path to graduation clear with Degree Works. 

Degree Works Tutorial

For Students

Your path to graduation just got a little easier with Degree Works. Learn everything you need to know, including frequently asked questions and how to take advantage of the student planner.

Degree Works is a planning tool that you and your adviser will use together to keep you on the right course. Degree Works and academic advising will help you pave a path to graduation.

You can also register from an adviser-approved Degree Works Plan through MySAIL. Refer to these instructions, and for additional information contact your adviser.

If you have questions regarding Degree Works, please contact your academic adviser.

Evaluate your progress now:

  • Log into MySAIL
  • Click on Progress to Degree
For Faculty

Degree Works is available to all degree-seeking undergraduate students who have catalog years (Programs of Study) from 2011-2012 to the present. It will be available for graduate students using the 2015-2017 catalog.

Please encourage your students to begin using Degree Works in conjunction with academic advising so they will stay on the right path to degree completion.

If you have questions regarding Degree Works and its functionality, please contact Mallory Kuhn.