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Full-time Enrollment

 There is no application fee.  The tuition cost for full-time enrollment for the ESL Institute (excluding the cost of textbooks and supplies for each course) is:
  • 600 per course (subject to change without notification)
  • $1800 for three (3) ESL courses during the seven week summer intensive semesters.
  • $2400 for four (4) ESL courses during the 14 week fall and winter semesters.

For a complete explanation of all costs associated with attending Oakland University as a Student Visa Holder, click here.

Note: Full-time enrollment is required for those students attending under an F-1 student visa.

Part-time Enrollment
Students who are not required to enroll full-time for the ESL Institute may elect individual courses appropriate to their level with the permission of the ESL Center. There is no application fee.  The fee for each course is $600 (subject to change without notification).