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Initiative for Eradicating Racism

School of Education and Human Services

Pawley Hall
456 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
248 370 3050

At the Initiative for Eradicating Racism (IER), we examine the ways in which historical and contemporary forms of institutional racism have perpetuated racial inequalities in communities of color. Eradicating racism means we cannot ignore the way white supremacy is upheld, modeled, and transmitted to students in educational settings; we must re-examine everything from the way future and current leaders, educators, counselors, and other human resource professionals are trained to address implicit bias, systemic racism, and the world around them, to the textbooks used in classes, and the officials making policy decisions.

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Our three pillars are:

  1. Improving recruitment and retention of marginalized students, faculty, and administrators.
  2. Continue and strengthen the IER Business Advisory Council.
  3. Sponsor an annual lecture symposium, curated arts walk, and journal.

We realize dismantling oppressive systems and eradicating racism is not easy work, but it is imperative to moving this country forward in a way that realizes racial equity. To achieve this goal, IER will support teaching, research, and scholarship that furthers the efforts to eradicate racism, both on our campus and in the surrounding community.  Members of IER will work explicitly to support faculty, staff, and graduate students who are focusing their work on eradicating racism, in addition to offering continuing education and action items to inch closer to our goal.  The IER anticipates working across the areas of scholarship, teaching, practice, and service to ensure that anti-racist work is visible across all facets. This will not happen quickly, but this group is committed to focused, detailed action to continue to work towards eradicating racism, at the school level, the university level, and in the community and beyond.

Faculty, staff, students and administrators in the School of Education and Human Services committed to confronting systemic racism in society, specifically the Pre-K through post-secondary educational structures.

Task Force Members:

  • Robert A. Martin
  • Danielle Ligocki
  • Chaunda Scott

“We as members of the Oakland University School of Education and Human Services recognize the role we have to play in dismantling racism. We have the responsibility to educate our colleagues, students, and our community partners, and to influence policy to further the cause of dismantling racism in the United States. To that end, we seek to provide a center for eradicating racism and beginning racial healing in our community.”