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Study Abroad in England

The Cross and Crown study abroad trip to England merges the classroom with an eye-opening trip concluding the course, highlighting history with hands-on experience.

REL 3900/CRN 30778
Available Summer 2
Tuesday Thursday 5:30-8:50 p.m.
Taught by Randall Engle

The first half of the course, on campus lectures and readings, will provide the historical background of the Tudor monarchy that enables the students to understand and analyze the cultural development of England. The second portion of the course, 10 days in London, England, is designed to provide the vivid travel experience that immerses the students in English culture and encourages analysis of England’s cultural development. Journaling and daily meetings will guide this understanding and analysis.

Email Dr. Engle at [email protected] for more information about this golden opportunity.

Additional Opportunities 

Please note that another, longer study abroad program exists in Israel as an archaeological field school and tour of the country. Students participate in three weeks of field school at an archaeological site. Partial funding is provided for students. Additional information is available by contacting the Oakland University Study Abroad office, or by emailing Dr. Michael Pytlik: [email protected]. That trip satisfies one area in the Judaic Studies minor requirements.

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