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Religious Studies Concentration

This concentration offers a structured program of study that explores and examines the human religious experience, both in terms of its fundamental ideas as well as pervasive practice.  While a number of methods and disciplines common to the liberal arts tradition are employed throughout the various courses offered, particular focus typically is given to the historical, literary, and cultural dimensions of religious expression.  This concentration may not be taken conjointly with one of the religious studies minors (Christianity studies, Islamic studies, or Judaic studies).  However, it may be taken conjointly as part of a modified major (24 credits) in philosophy or with a full major in any other department of College of Arts and Sciences.

Students wishing to make religion the focus of an independent major should contact the program director ( for further information.  A minimum of 28 credits is required for the concentration in religious studies distributed as follows:

  1. Either REL 1100 (Formerly REL 100) or REL 1850 (Formerly REL 150) (4 credits)
  2. Core studies - Two of the following from REL 2100 (Formerly REL 201), 3410 (Formerly REL 303), 3140 (Formerly REL 351) or 3750 (Formerly REL 355) (8 credits) 
  3. Field related studies - Four courses in at least three of the following five fields (16 credits):


AH 1003 (Formerly AH 104), AH 3110 (Formerly AH 310), AH 3220 (Formerly AH 322), AH 3230 (Formerly AH 326)


HST 3290 (Formerly HST 303), HST 3320 (Formerly HST 325), HST 3345 (Formerly HST 327), HST 3540 (Formerly HST 357); REL 3900 (Formerly REL 300)


ENG 3650 (Formerly ENG 305)/REL 3740 (Formerly REL 353), ENG 3660 (Formerly ENG 312)


PHL 2210 (Formerly PHL 205), PHL 3150 (Formerly PHL 325)/REL 3120 (Formerly REL 325); PHL 3155 (Formerly PHL 350)/REL 3150 (Formerly REL 359)

Social Science:

PSY 4974 (Formerly PSY 445) (only when special topic is religion), AN 3123 (Formerly AN 271)/REL 3640 (Formerly REL 271), SOC 3420 (Formerly SOC 305)/REL 3400 (Formerly REL 305)

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