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Tuition & Refund Policy


The Board of Trustees of Oakland University reserves the right to change any rates when conditions or circumstances make change necessary.

Note: Non-resident students are required to pay non-resident tuition rates according to university policy printed in university catalogs. Students classified as non-residents who believe they qualify for resident status should apply for reclassification 30 days before the beginning of a term. 

For additional information regarding deadline dates, please see the calendars page.

See tuition and costs on OU's Student Financial Services website. 

Non-Dischargeable Educational Benefits

Oakland University may provide, extend or advance funds, credits and/or other financial accommodations to students to be applied towards their tuition and/or charges with the understanding that students will re-pay those amounts. All such amounts, other than scholarships, fellowships, stipends and/or tuition waivers, are loans and/or educational benefits that students must repay to the university together with late payment charges as established by the university. In consideration for allowing students to attend classes, students agree to repay the university for those loans and/or educational benefits and acknowledge their re-payment obligation is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Refund Policy

A student who officially reduces his/her total credit load by dropping a course(s) or withdrawing from the university may be entitled to a refund (or reduction) of tuition according to the appropriate schedule below. To become eligible for a refund (or reduction of tuition), students must file the appropriate documents. The date on which the student notifies the Registration Office will determine the amount of refund, if any, to be authorized by the Registration Office.

Refunds are based upon any overpayment remaining in the student’s account after there has been a cancellation of tuition. See the student account refunds web page on the Student Financial Services website for refund processing information.

OAKLAND UNIVERSITY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY CLASS. In the event a class is officially canceled, students will automatically receive a full refund of tuition related to the canceled section. 

Specific refund information can be found at the bottom of each term's calendars page.

Expelled or Suspended Student Refund Policy

When a student is expelled or suspended from the university for disciplinary reasons (either academic or non-academic), the date of the disciplinary violation will be used to determine whether the student is entitled to a refund of any tuition or charges according to the current university tuition and charges refund schedule. Additionally, residence halls and apartment room and board charges will be pro-rated on the student’s room check-out date.  

For additional information regarding deadline dates, see the calendars page.

Financial Policy Adjustments

Certain university officers and their designees are authorized to make adjustments in the application of various financial policies when, in the judgment of the appropriate officer, exceptional circumstances warrant such action. A student who wishes to have his/her situation reviewed may petition by filing the request and documentation with the university officer identified below as responsible for the assessment of various university charges, in person or by mail. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure all required documents are submitted before classes end for the term concerned.  

For Housing charges: contact James R. Zentmeyer, Director of University Housing, 448 Hamlin Hall
For late payment (on account balances): Yeanina Hines, Assistant Manager of Student Business Services, 120 North Foundation Hall
For tuition: Tricia Westergaard, University Registrar, 101 O’Dowd Hall

View important information for students receiving Title IV funds on our Policies, Terms and Conditions page