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Transfer Course Review

Directions for the General Education Transfer Course Review Form

Request the review of coursework you have previously completed or wish to complete at another institution for use at Oakland University. A syllabus is required. For other courses, submit the Transfer Course Review Form.


Student Information Section  

  • Enter the last 4 digits of your Grizzly ID number. See the following for help in obtaining your Grizzly ID 
  • Enter your full name.
  • Enter your Oakland University email address.
  • Enter your daytime phone number. 
  • Enter your current major on record at Oakland University. 

Transfer Course Information Section  

  • Enter the name of the transfer institution where you completed the course. 
  • Enter the term/semester that you completed the transfer course. 
  • Enter the transfer institution subject and course number of the course. 
  • Enter the number of credits that were awarded for the transfer course. 
  • Enter the course title for the transfer course.  

Equivalency Review Requested Section  

  • Submit only one course per transfer course review form. If you would like to submit a course for two different requirements (e.g., Arts and U.S. Diversity), you must submit your requests on separate forms.
  • Indicate the general education requirement which you are requesting the transfer course be reviewed for. Read the pop-up box with the General Education Student Learning Outcomes to be sure the course you are submitting meets these outcomes for the requirement.
  • Please indicate the required prerequisite if you are requesting the transfer course be reviewed for Knowledge Applications only.  

Student-Terms for Submitting a Course Review Section  

  • Check the accept agreement box acknowledging you have read and understand the terms for submitting a course review.  
  • Select next page tab. 

Routing Instructions  

  • Attach a course syllabus from the term/semester you completed the course. 
  • Route to and select submit tab.

Department Action Section  

  • Indicate OU course equivalent, if applicable. 
  • Add comments, if necessary.  
  • Route to and select forward tab. 
General Education Committee

General Education Committee Action Section 

  • Add comments, if necessary. 
  • Route to and select approve or disapprove tab.