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Evgeniy Khain

Evgeniy Khain standing outside with a body of water in the background

Evgeniy Khain
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, Oakland University
Ph.D. in Physics 2005, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Phone: (248) 370-3412
Office: 272 Hannah Hall
Research website

I coordinate the Department of Physics weekly colloquia: Physics colloquium schedule


2013 – present: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Oakland University
2007 – 2013: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Oakland University
2004 – 2007: Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of non-equilibrium statistical and nonlinear physics, from complex biological systems to driven granular media. Specific areas include:
  • Collective cell behavior in biological systems (cell migration; mechanical effects in tissue growth; tumor growth)
  • Instabilities in driven granular gases and dense granular flows
  • Rare events in physical and biological systems
  • Front propagation in continuum and discrete systems
  • Pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics

Recent Publications

See research website for full list of publications.

J. Straetmans and E. Khain, “Modeling Cell Size Dynamics in a Confined Nonuniform Dense Cell Culture”, Journal of Statistical Physics, 176(2), 299-311, (2019).

E. Khain, “Thermal conductivity at the high-density limit and the levitating granular cluster”, Physical Review E 98, 012903 (2018).

E. Khain and L. S. Tsimring, “Effective pressure and cell area distribution in a confined monolayer”, Fluid Dynamics Research 50, 051413 (2018).

M. Katakowski, N. Charteris, M. Chopp, and E. Khain, “Density-dependent regulation of glioma cell proliferation and invasion mediated by miR-9”, Cancer Microenvironment 9, 149–159 (2016).

E. Khain and L. M. Sander, “Noise induces rare events in granular media”, Physical Review E 94, 032905 (2016).

E. Khain, M. Khasin, and L. M. Sander, “Spontaneous formation of large clusters in a lattice gas above the critical point”, Physical Review E 90, 062702 (2014).

N. Charteris and E. Khain, “Modeling chemotaxis of adhesive cells: stochastic lattice approach and continuum description”, New J. Phys. 16, 025002 (2014).

E. Khain and B. Meerson, “Velocity fluctuations of noisy reaction fronts propagating into a metastable state”, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 46, 125002 (2013).

M. Khasin, E. Khain, and L. M. Sander, “Fast migration and emergent population dynamics”, Physical Review Letters 109, 248102 (2012).

M. Khasin, B. Meerson, E. Khain, and L. M. Sander, “Minimizing the population extinction risk by migration”, Physical Review Letters 109, 138104 (2012).

E. Khain, M. Katakowski, N. Charteris, F. Jiang, and M. Chopp, “Migration of adhesive glioma cells: Front propagation and fingering”, Physical Review E 86, 011904 (2012).

E. Khain and I. S. Aranson, “Hydrodynamics of a vibrated granular monolayer”, Physical Review E 84, 031308 (2011).