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The Common Data Set is a result of collaborative efforts "among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by The College Board, Peterson’s - a Thomson Learning Company, U.S. News & World Report, and Wintergreen/Orchard House. The CDS survey items have been designed to collect common or comparable data from colleges and universities."


About NSSE
The National Survey of Student Engagement is a survey specially designed for students to provide information about their undergraduate experience, including their views about the quality of their education and how they spend their time. These survey responses are an important piece of information as they are used to improve the quality of education here at OU. NSSE information is used in a variety of different ways across the university.

For example, NSSE data might be used to compare the experiences between men and women, different majors and departments, and to examine the impact that major changes within the university might have on the quality of a student's educational experience. 


NSSE Participation by Year

Oakland University participated in this survey in the following years:

First YearSeniorTotal


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Historical NSSE Mean and Frequency Reports


College Portrait
College Portrait is a website devoted to giving citizens comparable information about public colleges and universities that is presented in an easily understood format.  (  Click to go to OU's College Portrait Page).

In conjunction with both the College Portrait and the  Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA), OU asks graduating senior students their future plans through a simple one-question survey (we sample undergraduates only). 

The pdf document below details both the results and the exact question wording, as suggested by the VSA.



During the Fall 2015 semester, Oakland University (OU) in collaboration with North Carolina State University (NCSU), New York University (NYU), and the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) a longitudinal study directed by NCSU over a period of 4 years was launched.  This longitudinal study will give precise data indicating the types of educational experiences most conducive to interfaith learning among all students, including student leaders.

Fall 2015 Responses




In February 2015 and again in October 2018, Oakland University administered the National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE) survey. Over 2,300 students participated in the survey, representing 16% of OU’s total undergraduate enrollment. Piloted in 2006 and fully implemented in 2009, NASCE has grown over the past decade into a widely used and respected assessment tool for measuring and expressing community engagement among U.S. colleges and universities. Today, over 70,000 undergraduates from from approximately 100 colleges and universities across the country have completed the NASCE survey. The data continues to be used as a functional and strategic tool, as new participant institutions are incorporating NASCE baseline data into their strategic plans and campus-wide engagement goals. Institutions that have completed their first iteration of the survey and used the data to guide implementations are now re-assessing for the second or third time to measure any and all progress towards their objectives.

For more information about the NASCE, please see the Siena College Research Institute's main page.

Results of OU's 2018 NASCE Administration

Results of OU's 2015 NASCE Administration