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Summer Institute


The Meadow Brook Writing Project (MBWP) is now accepting applications and nominations for participation in its 2018 Invitational Summer Institute for teachers to be held at Oakland University.  The summer institute (MBWP Summer Workshop/WRT 515) will run for three weeks (July 9-27, 2018)  from 9 am to 3 pm each day, Mondays through Fridays. There will be a pre-institute meeting in June, held on one Saturday from 9 am - 12 noon, and there will be two follow-up Saturday meetings (dates TBD ) from August 2018 until March 2019. Full and partial scholarships are available.

The MBWP is part of the National Writing Project, a network of over 200 sites nationwide dedicated to improving writing, literacy and teaching in schools, K through 16.

The institute provides a community of teachers with an opportunity to support each other with innovative ideas and practices to take back to classrooms. Participants in the Meadow Brook Writing Project Summer Institute join an existing network that will continue to influence teaching and learning long into the future.

Watch Kathleen and Mary discuss the Invitational Summer Institute

Each participant:
  • develops a demonstration project to share with colleagues;
  • practices writing freely in various personal and professional modes;
  • reflects on his or her own writing and teaching practices;
  • participates in a reading inquiry group;
  • develops critical skills as teachers, theorists and writers;
  • promotes conversation about writing across grade levels and disciplines;
  • prepares for a leadership role as a consultant and counselor to other teachers.

The Meadow Brook Writing Project does not advocate any set formulas, pre-packaged plans or quick-fix remedies. Our philosophy includes the following points:
  • Teachers are the key to improving education, and the best teachers of teachers are other teachers.
  • Knowledge about teaching writing results from an interaction between theory and practice.
  • Meaningful change happens over time.
  • Teachers of writing must write.
  • The teaching, learning and practice of writing are vital to a democratic society.
The institute is limited to 18 participants, including teachers representing a broad demographic spectrum and across grade levels. We also welcome teachers outside language arts who encourage writing-to-learn in their subjects. The cost of each institute session is $515.00 for 50 clock hours (SCECHs).


The director of the Meadow Brook Writing Project and instructor of record for the summer institute is Marshall Kitchens, associate professor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University.

Daily leadership is provided by Mary Cox and Kathleen Reddy-Butkovich. Cox, co-director of the Meadow Brook Writing Project, taught at Renaissance High School in Detroit, where her students routinely scored well above the state average on the MEAP. She is a fellow of the former Detroit Writing Project and has occupied leadership roles in the state and national councils of teachers of English. Reddy-Butkovich, also a co-director of the MBWP, is the former Curriculum Coordinator for English Language Arts and Social Studies at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools and is a past fellow of the Meadow Brook Writing Project 2001 Summer Invitational Institute.

More Information

For more information, contact Marshall Kitchens at (248) 370-4151 or (248) 370-4151, Mary Cox at (313) 824-4778(313) or 824-4778, or Kathleen Reddy Butkovich at (248) 540-7963 or (248) 540-7963.  Send other email inquires to

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Fax: (248) 370-4208 (attn. Marshall Kitchens)

Marshall Kitchens, Director
Meadow Brook Writing Project
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