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Student Organizations

Oakland University’s Linguistic Department supports several student organizations, allowing emerging professionals to network and gain hands-on experience in conjunction with their studies. Each organization blazes the trail for students to tailor their studies into a range of career pathways.

Linguistics Club

The Linguistics Club is open to all interested students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since linguistics, as the scientific study of human language, is an academic discipline that is relevant to many diverse areas of study in many departments, club membership is not restricted to majors and minors in linguistics. Any student interested in any aspect of human language from any perspective is encouraged to join. In the recent past, student club members have sponsored such activities as linguistics-based bingo and scrabble tournaments, Klingon language activities, creative writing dialect work- shops and various kinds of fundraisers. Since Linguistics touches on just about anything having to do with language, the list of potential activities is open ended. Our officers are elected from among interested students in the fall. Anyone wishing to be nominated or join can contact faculty-advisor Professor Kuniko Nielsen ([email protected]) for more information.

Speech Language Pathology Student Association

The Speech Language Pathology Student Association was created for students interested in applying to Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) programs and those who want to learn more about the SLP profession. The goal of this organization is to provide members with information about the admissions process for SLP graduate programs and the roles of SLPs in various settings. The activities include volunteer opportunities, (virtual) guest lectures by SLPs, as well as workshops for the application process. Contact Jaedan Trupp ([email protected]) for more information.

Linguistics Department

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