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Matt Bloom

Matt Bloom Headshot

BS – Mechanical Engineering – Oakland University

MS – Mechatronics – Oakland University

Occupation: Systems Engineering- Project Engineer-ADAS Systems (LinkedIn Profile)

Role on the Board: Member of Engagement and Outreach Committees. Member of
We are Here!, Homecoming Planning Committee, and Mentors Program.

Why I joined the Board: During my undergraduate studies, the Honors College
provided me with truly beneficial resources and opportunities from specific courses to
engaging events. Without a doubt, my college journey was so much richer due to the
Honors College. Some of the people I met through the HC (including my wife!) are
people I am still in touch with today. The Board of Visitors is a chance for me to
contribute to the magic of the next group of Oakland students and provide them with
ample opportunities to make lasting connections and great memories. It strives to
empower HC students to grow into the incredible individuals they were always meant to
become by deepening the relationship between the them and the HC. With that sort of
mission for the Board of Visitors, I had to sign up.

Best HC Memories: My favorite HC memory was my time at NCUR (National
Conference for Undergraduate Research) in Memphis, TN. My thesis group and I were
able to present our research for the Fusor that we had constructed and had the
opportunity to learn about fascinating new topics from dozens of other students. It was
amazing to see such impressive people that were not only knowledgeable, but
passionate about their research. It inspired me to do my best to always maintain that
passion in my career. Memphis was also an beautiful city, with lots of history, which just
made that adventure even better.
Other Interests/Affiliations:

  • Recreational volleyball and soccer
  • Exploring new restaurants and breweries
  • Enjoying the outdoors and seeing new places
  • Working on my house
  • Spending time with my wife and dog

The Honors College

Oak View Hall, Room 210
509 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)
(248) 370-4450
Fax: (248) 370-4479