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Aaron Garofalo

Aaron Garofalo Headshot

BS - Mechanical Engineering (2017) - Oakland University
MS - Mechatronic Systems Engineering (2021) - Oakland University

MAHLE Filter Systems - Development Engineer

Role on the board: Philanthropy committee

Why I joined the board: After an exciting and fulfilling experience in the OUHC for my BSE in Mechanical Engineering, I was excited about the opportunity to join the board and work with the amazing OUHC team. My personal goal on the board is to help ensure the success and positive social and academic experiences of current and future HC students through developing programs and events inspired by the combined passion and drive shared by each member of the BOV.

Best HC memories: I was fortunate enough to be selected to join my fellow board members Brian Neumeyer and Matthew Bloom at the 2017 NCUR (National Conferences on Undergraduate Research) in Memphis, TN to present our HC thesis project: a proof-of-concept for nuclear fusion. Coincidentally, another board member, Aaron Helander, presented his research at NCUR the same year. The trip was easily the main highlight of my undergraduate career at OU, and it solidified my excitement and thankfulness for the opportunities created and supported by the Honors College at OU.

Other interests/affiliations: I am currently studying for my MS - Mechatronics Systems Engineering degree, which I expect to complete by the end of 2021. I plan to continue my education after my MS has been completed, either with an MBA or continuing to further my engineering education (maybe eventually both!).

Aside from academics, I am an avid rock climber, often visiting the local climbing gym multiple times per week. I even built my own climbing wall (Moonboard - 2016 setup) in my backyard, so I could continue to climb during the pandemic. In December 2020, my brother and I bought a hurricane-damaged boat, with the intention of fixing/flipping it. The experience has been very fulfilling, and we have both learned various new skills along the way - including replacing engines, rewiring water-damaged components, and plenty of cleaning/painting/detailing. Lastly, music has been a lifelong hobby of mine, and I enjoy playing guitar and drums in my free time.

The Honors College

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Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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