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Podcasts for Leaderful Schools


Podcasts for Leaderful Schools (PFLS) is produced and published by Oakland University with support from the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership and available on iTunes, Spotify and RSS. Additional distribution channels will be added to the Podcasts for Leaderful Schools main podcast site. The podcasts are supported and produced by Dr. Elaine Middlekauff and the Galileo teamThe institute is dedicated to serving and researching the professional development needs of leaders working to improve student achievement and teacher performance from the inside out. PFLS is a resource through which educational leaders (PreK – Higher Education) may become effective practitioners who strive to understand issues of social justice, cultural competence, equity, and best practice to improve teaching and learning.

We believe that collaborative leadership in schools involves teachers and administrators working in a professional learning community. Our goal is to stimulate a world wide dialogue on the importance of creating effective learning communities centered on student success. The podcasts are targeted for leadership at all levels (teachers, school administrators, business leaders, university faculty, policy makers) and explore aspects of leadership topics through critical conversations.

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Dr. Robert Maxfield is a retired Associate Professor from the Department of Organizational Leadership at Oakland University and Founder of the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership. 
[email protected]

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Dr. Suzanne Klein is an Associate Professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership at Oakland University, coordinator for the Central Office Leadership Program and is the Director for the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership.
[email protected]

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Dr. Elaine Middlekauff
, a former elementary school principal and university adjunct faculty member, now coordinates institute activities, creates/publishes Podcasts for Leaderful Schools and curates articles for 5M4L newsletters.
[email protected]

For additional information on archived podcasts, please contact [email protected].

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