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Finance and Administration

Wilson Hall, Suite 4000
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309
(location map)

Finance and Administration

Wilson Hall, Suite 4000
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309
(location map)

Elliott Tower and a blue glass and brown brick building on Oakland University's campus.

Alcohol Service Request

Please complete the following steps if you are planning to host an event on property owned or leased by Oakland University ("University"), other than the Golf & Learning Center, the Oakland Center, Shotwell Gustafson Pavilion, the O'Rena or the upper level of the Oakland Center, where alcohol will be served:

  1. Obtain written approval from the University's President. You will need to attach proof of the President's approval before your request will be reviewed.

  2. Complete the form found here and submit the completed form to Finance and Administration for approval, as instructed in the form.

  3. Finance and Administration will determine if a Special (Liquor) License will be required for the event and will contact the requesting department regarding completion and filing of a Special License Application, if necessary, with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. The Special License Application can be found here: http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-10570_16941-391552--,00.html  **Do NOT complete the Special License Application before you receive a response from Finance and Administration ** 

If a Special License Application is required, it must also include the following: 

  1. Letter addressed to the State of Michigan, LLC from the Office of the President on President’s letterhead
  2. Completed license application. Do not leave any question blank unless it is not applicable.
  3. 1997 BOT board action approving liquor license application process (June 12, 1997)
  4. Map of event location – with bar location and room dimensions noted. (Include a campus map with the building highlighted and a map of the room the event will be held (bar location highlighted).
  5. Supporting documentation with event details such as flyers, press release, invitation, etc. 

Original Signatures Required by the following offices:

  1. Submit application packet to Finance & Administration for signature and review – East Wilson Hall, Suite 4000.

  2. Submit application packet to the Office of Legal Affairs and General Counsel
    • Hosting department submits the completed application packet to the Vice President for Legal Affairs (ext. 3112) for review and notarized signature. Note:  Witness and notary cannot be the same person.

  3. Submit application packet to the Office of the President
    • Hosting department submits the completed application and letter of approval to the Office of the President for the President’s notarized signature. President signs 2 pages (letter and application). 

  4. Submit application that has been signed by the President and Chief of Staff to the OU Chief of Police
    • Requesting department contacts the OU Chief of Police (ext. 3000) to request application review and signature.

You must submit your completed application packet to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission* with payment at least ten (10) business days before the event.

Fax the completed Credit Card Authorization form with your completed Special License Application form to: 

Secure fax line: 517-284-8557 



Mail via overnight service your application with payment to:

Michigan Liquor Control Commission
P.O. Box 30005
Lansing, MI 48909


Hand deliver:

Michigan Liquor Control Commission
2nd Floor Constitution Hall
525 W. Allegan, Lansing, MI 48933 

*Completed Application Packet must include the following:

  • Completed application with notarized signatures
  • Letter from the President
  • 1997 BOT Action approving liquor license for campus events
  • Campus map with building where event will be held highlighted
  • Map of room with dimensions and the bar location highlighted
  • Flyer of event/postcard/invitation

A final, complete copy of the signed application and supporting documents must also be sent to:

Office of Finance and Administration
Attn: Senior Business Manager
East Wilson Hall, Suite 4000
371 Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, MI 48309