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Severe Weather

OU is in the Know for Snow
December 2022

December 21, 2022 is officially the first day of winter but Facilities Management is currently preparing for the winter weather season. Winter weather includes cold temperatures, winds, snow, ice, freezing rain and sleet. Typically, this can occur from November through April. The weather conditions can change rapidly and Facilities Management makes every attempt to stay ahead of the storm.

In rare cases, extreme winter weather conditions may necessitate a decision to cancel all classes, events, and close campus offices or operate on a delayed schedule. Typically, this occurs when the grounds keeping crew and surrounding municipalities are unable to keep up with clearing the snow and ice. However, the university’s goal is to remain open whenever possible!

We Need Your Help

Always remember to do your part by using extreme caution in adverse weather conditions and dress accordingly to the weather forecast to ensure safe travels. University grounds personnel will do their best to provide safe paths of travel, and we ask that the campus community take personal responsibility for their safety by using cleared routes.

Snow-removal equipment is large, loud and difficult to stop. Pedestrians and vehicles should allow a wide safety area around plows and equipment during operations. While equipment operators are on the lookout, their main focus is on the task of removing snow for public safety.

Avoid darting out in front of or behind such equipment, and make eye contact with a snow-removal driver before crossing in front of them.

Walking or driving too closely in front or behind equipment can create unsafe conditions. Stay back & stay safe!

Can you help keep the campus safe? Containers of ice-melt are located at the entrances to most campus buildings. If no salt is visibly present, please feel free to spread some of the ice-melt around to cover the area.

For additional information on winter weather conditions and procedures, please visit the University Closing Policy.

Office of the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management


Safety and awareness are important during winter weather — please reference  the information provided below.

Winter Weather Terminology
Winter Weather Safety Tips
Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips
University Closing Policy

During winter months, Facilities Management makes every effort to stay ahead of snow, ice, freezing rain and sleet in order to keep campus roads and walkways safe and passable. Often, however, precipitation can accumulate quickly and create less than ideal conditions for drivers and pedestrians to get about campus.


During all accumulation events, Facilities Management follows a prioritized system for snow and ice removal:

Priority 1

  • Major campus roads, handicap ramps, handicap entrances/exits, stairways and steps, major walkways, high traffic building entrances, high traffic perimeter walks, and main routes from parking lots and structures.

Priority 2

  • Moderate traffic building entryways, secondary/adjacent walkways, and emergency egresses, as well as dorms, apartments and upper parking decks

Priority 3

  • Low traffic building entryways and perimeter walkways, as well as sorority houses, outlying parking lots, Athletic Dome, and Meadow Brook Hall.

  • In instances of changing weather conditions that refocus attention on higher priority tasks, Priority 3 areas may not be cleared until the conclusion of the precipitation event.


Campus community members can help expedite snow removal and maintain a safe campus environment by exercising extreme caution while traveling and using the following safety tips:

  • Use cleared vehicle and pedestrian routes rather than uncleared routes even if the uncleared routes offer shorter travel times.

  • While walking or driving, keep a wide distance away from plows and other snow clearing equipment.

  • Avoid darting out in front of or behind such equipment by making eye contact with operators before proceeding.

  • Help keep walkways safe by using ice-melt to remove accumulated snow and ice, or to prevent accumulation when precipitation is occurring or anticipated. Ice melt is provided for your use at the entrances to most campus buildings.
Weather Station


The University utilizes a weather station installed at the Facilities Management Building to monitor severe weather information including temperatures; wind directions and wind speeds. The station also provides weather advisories, warnings and forecasts.

Campus community members can access this information online or by downloading the Weather Underground app in the App store and searching for KMIROCHE95.