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Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance/Central Heating Plant

The operations maintenance group is made up of over 40 highly skilled individuals with dedication and a focus on providing exceptional service to the university's infrastructure. Trades personnel often work behind the scenes to maintain life safety systems as well as providing critical repairs to research and educational systems. Our staff is committed to ensuring the functional working condition of all mechanical systems and equipment, that includes electrical systems, elevators, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning, and plumbing.

In addition to mechanical systems installation and repair, the trades group also custom designs and installs cabinetry and casework, creates custom metal fabrication for research and teaching, performs minor room remodeling and hazardous materials abatement, provides custom finishes for furnishings and program needs, and installs security (card access and surveillance) systems.

The trades shop consists of the Electrical Shop, HVAC/Refrigeration Shop, Carpentry/Locksmith Shop, and Mechanical/Plumbing Shop. Workplace safety, critical systems reliability, energy conservation, preventative maintenance and deferred maintenance are active programs within the Operations and Utilities Department.

Central Heating Plant operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week providing High Temp Hot Water (HTHW) to the campus buildings.  We recently installed a 4.5 megawatt cogeneration system that provides electricity and heat.

Brian Ward, Director of Operations
Operations and Maintenance contacts
Brian WardDirector of Operations(248) 370-2378bcward@oakland.edu
TBDManager, Electrical & Plumbing(248) 370-2397
Trevor VallusForeman, Construction(248) 370-2172tvallus@oakland.edu
Joel Norgaard Manager, Structural(248) 370-4438norgaard@oakland.edu
Curt WhitsettManager, HVAC(248) 370-3649whitsett@oakland.edu
Randy PowellSupervisor, Building & Automation(248) 370-4558powell3@oakland.edu
Grant AndrewsBuilding Automation Control Specialist(248) 370-3900andrews3@oakland.edu