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Non Majors

The department of Art and Art History welcomes students from other majors to explore the visual arts by taking classes in studio art, art history, and graphic design. Some of these classes, noted below, count toward General Education requirement, others can be used as electives or for the completion of a minor in art and art history.

AH 1001 – History of Western Art, Prehistory through Medieval (Gen Ed)
AH 1002 – History of Western Art, Renaissance to Present (Gen Ed)
AH 1003 – Arts of Asia and the Islamic World (Gen Ed)
ART 1000 – Foundations of Visual Literacy (Gen Ed)
ART 1150 – Drawing for Non-Majors (Gen Ed)
ART 1170 – Painting for Non-Majors (Gen Ed)
ART 1130 – Graphic Design for Non-Majors
ART 1160 – Photography for Non-Majors (Gen Ed)
ART 2200 – Introduction to Interactive Art and Technology

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