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"The Master of Public Administration Program at Oakland University advances excellence in public and non-governmental management through strengthening the leadership capacity, problem-solving skills, public service values, and community engagement of current and aspiring public and non-governmental executives. The program is designed to deliver outstanding service to our students, the university community, and the public at large."

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Oakland University provides a challenging education for recent graduates seeking professional careers and for those already employed in governmental and other public agencies. The need for such programs is recognized, given the growth in the number and complexity of agencies at the state and local level and the concerns for both responsive and effective public service at all levels. The MPA program seeks a generalist focus through a set of core courses and provides an opportunity for specialization through the electives and the directed project/internship option. Persons with significant experience in public service will be advised to undertake a directed project; those seeking a transition to a public service career will be encouraged to find a public administration internship in one of the area agencies. All courses in the program will be offered weekday evenings, or in some cases, on Saturdays.


Oakland University's Master of Public Administration is accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, the national accrediting body for MPA programs. You can also view the NASPAA Code of Good Practice, the established criteria to become a member school.

In addition, Oakland University has an active chapter of Pi Alpha Alpha, the national honor society of public affairs and administration.