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Admission to the program is selective. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institution, and must have a grade record that indicates above-average work (generally, a GPA of 3.0 or greater.) The program welcomes students with a wide variety of undergraduate preparations. Basic courses in political science, government, or public administration, economics, statistics, and accounting are needed. Arrangements may be made for conditional admission to the program while specific deficiencies are being corrected.  Note: Neither the GRE nor the GMAT are required.

Preparation for the MPA

Degrees in a wide variety of majors will prepare the student for admission. Students with limited or no background in statistics, accounting, and macro-economics are provided foundation courses to correct these deficiencies. Students otherwise qualified for admission to the program, but lacking in these areas, may be admitted conditionally with the requirement that the deficiency be corrected during the first year of the program. During an applicant's initial interview with the MPA Program Coordinator, a plan will be made for meeting these requirements. Credits earned to meet these standards will not be counted toward the total graduate credits needed for the degree. Note: Neither the GRE nor the GMAT are required for admission to this program.

Admission Procedure

Applicants must:

International Students

For information about admission requirements please click here

Once all of the documents have been received by the Graduate Admissions office, they will be forwarded to the MPA Admission Review Committee.  The successful applicant will be contacted by the MPA Program Coordinator to arrange an intake and advising appointment.  Admission to the program is continuous throughout the year.  Note:  Neither the GRE nor the GMAT are required for admission to this program. 

Application Deadlines
  • August 1 for Fall semester
  • December 1 for Winter semester
  • April 1 for Summer semester

If your desired application deadline has passed, and you are still interested in applying, please contact the MPA Program Coordinator (contact information listed below).

Please submit all admission materials here:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Oakland University
520 O'Dowd
Rochester, MI 48309-4401

You may contact the MPA Program Coordinator, Suzanne Rossi, at:

420 Varner Hall
Rochester, MI 48309-4488

You may also contact Graduate Admissions at:

248-370-4114 (fax)

Conditional and Special Graduate Status

Students who are conditionally admitted to the program must have the condition removed before undertaking the second year of the program. Students who have special graduate status may take up to three courses in the program without formal admission to the program; to proceed further in the course sequence requires admission to the program. Upon attaining full graduate status, the work done as a special graduate student will be credited toward the program. Students wishing to apply for financial aid should verify eligibility under special graduate status before registering for courses.

Academic Progress

Although credit for completion of a course in the MPA program will be given for grades of 2.0 or above, the minimum satisfactory grade for graduate work is 3.0. A student's academic progress is monitored by the Director of the MPA program. If a student receives a grade for any MPA course below 3.0, an academic warning letter is sent to the student. With a second grade below a 3.0, the student receives written notification that he or she is on academic probation. A student placed on probation may be required to meet new standards to remain in the MPA program. With a third grade below a 3.0, the student is notified in writing that he or she is subject to dismissal pending a review of the student's entire record by the MPA Director and the Executive Director of Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning. Regardless of their standing, all MPA students are encouraged to consult with their individual instructors and their MPA academic adviser concerning their academic progress.