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Study Away (domestic)

Your dream of studying in a far off place is closer than you think!

By studying away as an exchange student in the National Student Exchange, you'll have the opportunity to explore a culture and environment different from that of Southeastern Michigan. You’ll get firsthand knowledge of objects of study (people, artwork, languages, ecologies) and use academic resources not available at OU.

Studying away will help you develop confidence, independence and discipline – and it will enlarge your network. With nearly 200 participating colleges to choose from, you'll earn credit toward your degree while paying OU tuition as an out-of-state student. Other highlights include:
  • Provides a larger perspective on the American experience
  • One semester, one quarter, two quarters or full academic year options
  • Language of instruction is routinely English, with exception of Puerto Rico and Montreal
  • Courses offered in all disciplines at all levels in a familiar educational style
  • Access to programs and courses not available at OU