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Faculty and Staff


More than 2,000 faculty and non-instructional staff proudly serve approximately 20,000 Oakland University students. Going above and beyond the job description is part of what makes OU an exceptional place for students to learn, and a welcoming home for close to 100,000 alumni.

OU faculty and staff enjoy numerous benefits that make the University a wonderful place to work. Knowing what services the University offers is the first step in knowing what you can do for OU. Stay up-to-date on faculty and staff achievements, news, and resources specific to faculty and staff in the sections below.

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Academic Dates

  • MAY
    S01 and S03 Classes begin
    7:30 a.m.
  • MAY
    Memorial Day, classes suspended
  • JUN.
    S01 Classes end, S03 Recess begins
    10 p.m.
  • JUN.
    S01 Finals begin
  • JUL.
    Independence Day, classes suspended
  • AUG.
    S02 and S03 Classes end
    10 p.m.
  • AUG.
    S02 and S03 Finals begin

Faculty & Staff Events

Reminders & Notifications

Faculty & Staff Resources

The Student Technology Center will work together with faculty to design a custom workshop for their entire class. The STC will also work one-on-one with your students to learn software and Web services. Learn more at